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So You Want To Buy An Arcade Machine?

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– Let’s talk about buying an arcade machine! This is mainly for home users and not so much operators, but perhaps it will help prospective arcade business owners figure out how to go about purchasing a real arcade machine.


  1. TYSM I finally Bought a Jurassic Park Arcade machine these are my favorite Arcade machines ever I also Bought A Mario Kart Arcade Machine Love you TYSM I tried Mario Kart I was first place

  2. Great Video! But in my opinion it is best to just get an Arcade1up or like the MVS X – Then mod that to put in any PCB board you enjoy inside it. Most people cannot lift 300 lbs machines and they cost $150+ to fix if the monitor dies and hard to find people to repair them for you, unless you learn to do that stuff yourself. Same with pinball machines.

  3. Great video! Buying arcade machines depends on the vendor if they want to make business or such or buy several machines and modify it yourselves to your liking by buying different themed and genre arcade games including retro games! It's all the balance with racing, run and gun, pinball, ticket amusement, dancing and of course the old shoot me up/bullet hell.

    Of course, there should be a rule for all arcade providers to have all settings to be on their default settings, no changing the rank difficulty to very hard, no life setting on 2, no time limit difficulty changes, etc. the key element with arcade machines is that the more you buy, the higher the maintenance required especially on the hardware purposes because you don't want to play a game with a knackered light gun that may affect gameplay if players are attempting a 1CC.

  4. Does Galloping Ghost Productions sell machines out of Brookfield, Illinois near Chicago?

  5. Awesome and very informative. I would like to add that Facebook Market Place is a very great tool for finding used machines locally.

  6. As usual, you're at the forefront of arcade info and help, Adam.

  7. Amazing video~! This is very informative. Thank you!

  8. Is Costed Hundred of Dollars to Buy a Arcade Machine.

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