So many Claw Machines at Arcade Planet!!! -

So many Claw Machines at Arcade Planet!!!

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While we were in Singapore we went to Arcade Planet and did some exploring. There were a ton of different claw machines inside Arcade Planet!

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  1. Love this game i won two toys at one time

  2. Oh You Dropped This 👑For being a Queen of Claw Machines Your Welcome😬💗🎀

  3. Maybe you could use the claw to knock the prizes

  4. When i die my soul will surely go there

  5. is she a twitch streamer too she sounds like mousie

  6. I remember watching this in awe when I was a kid

  7. Nice video! Now this place changed alot! Claw scene in singapore have since evolved alot under the influence or taiwan and malaysia claw machines~

    Keep up the good work buddy!

  8. Plush time wins how to win a claw machine hack

  9. I almost thought Angel was going to say Pizza Planet

  10. can you make bubble close you eyes big and small

  11. If a claw doesnt work i immediately ask the staff to get my coin back 😂

  12. That is so insane what a claw macheine heaven there is a lot of different kinds of claw machines to choose from

  13. My name is daisy and u said little daisy so adorable lol

  14. I won 22 different prizes in the wilderness resorts arcade

  15. Where is this located at 👁👄👀


  17. That is dale cuz he has the red nose chip has brown nose and dale is a more a tan color

  18. All of them!👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  19. Mas mensos para sacar muñecos 🤣🤣🤣

  20. I hate claw machines. They may have awesome prizes that you want so bad but the claws are horrible grabbers!!!!

  21. i really want to go to mall and play claw machine but lockdown take me😔

  22. YO THIS PLACE IS HEAVEN I LOVE CLAW MACHINES! Gotta stop here sometime!

  23. I found a squishmallow claw machine with the giraffe and the mouse and 🍏 🙂

  24. Great video but it could have had a trigger warning

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