SNK's Guerilla War Arcade Machine - Late 80's Rotary Joystick Game -

SNK’s Guerilla War Arcade Machine – Late 80’s Rotary Joystick Game

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This is SNK’s late 80’s Guerilla War arcade game… It was very similar to Ikari Warriors. Originally called Guevara This game was toned down a little bit when released in America, because it featured communist themes and even a likeness of Cuba’s Fidel Castro in the attract screen! Check out the cabinet and gameplay on this video.

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  1. wow was literally playing this game after I heard Castro passed.

  2. Great game! One was just on CL in my area. Kicking myself for not grabbing it.

  3. I been trying to get this game Guerrilla War for so long. Help me

  4. i played this in my local arcade back in the day great game

  5. Another rotary joystick arcade cabinet is Heavy Barrel,definitely worth checking out.

  6. I remember when we got this game at the arcade place back in 1989, we got it WITHOUT the rotary joysticks so the only direction we could aim, was up. As you can imagine, it was a disaster, but still, we were wasting coin after coin and having so much fun with it, especially when we got the flame thrower. Then I got it for my NES and, despite the lack of better graphics and voices, the OST was incredible, and the game itself very enjoyable. I'm an adult now, and I still play it from time to time on MAME. Great game!

  7. I played this game a lot back in the day. Never beat it but had an absolute blast. Great memories!

  8. I don't understand why this game is so underestimated and so few hands up. I was 6 years old when her popularity reached arcades in 1987 and as a kid I was impressed with her. No other salon game has made such an impression on me and Guerilla War, even the famous Contra, in my opinion, does not match it. I wish it was appreciated.

  9. Good game back in day ..Was really difficult some of the levels

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