Smash T.V. 1990 Williams Mame Retro Arcade Games -

Smash T.V. 1990 Williams Mame Retro Arcade Games

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  1. this game is 7 years older then me and rampage is 34 years older then me but man i love both games

  2. Man I’m praying so damn hard that they remake this game for the Nintendo Switch. I fuckin loved this game so damn much.
    Cuz I bought the knock off version Galaxy champions tv. On eshop.
    I knows it’s not a knock off but I think it is. It’s still a good game but Smash Tv was just so damn awesome

  3. I never got to experience the arcade gaming era of the 80s and early 90s. I can only imagine how pumped kids were with their friends going to the arcade with pockets of quarters, The dark rooms full of lit cabinets, the sound of all the games being played, quarters rolling into slots. Very few places like that now sadly.

  4. Damn dis nigga da shit
    fuck man, dis nigga dun 1 vs x'd every nerd on teh fucking planet shit man.

  5. Why no Smash TV irl now? It's 2020 and this was 1999…

  6. The boss sound effect kills me when they said “OWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!”💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

  7. We went from Smash TV to online battle royale shooters.

  8. Whenever I’d get the grenades I’d just spin in circles, great strat

  9. They had this game at the Strong Museum of Play, mostly in the eGameRevolution. However, the past couple times I would play the game, the audio wasn't working.

  10. I played this on Midway Arcade Treasures for the Xbox and I completed it.

  11. I like to think if it weren't for this game we wouldn't have Hotline Miami

  12. They should remake this game with bigger arenas with fighting moves and better prizes. They should make the Mercedes AVTR one of them. This game was so good. They don't have arcades anymore like they did in the 90's and early 00's.

  13. The Ultimate Death-Match Game Show In A Form Of a Video Game—Smash T.V.!

    I think I saw this game at the Dennis Place of Games. I had already watched a game-show-to-the-death movie a few years ago called “The Running Man”, and this video game by the manufacturer, Williams, is even better than “The Running Man”. And this game led to the phenomenon around 2010 called “The Hunger Games?” Definitely not, but I had some indirect allusions to it now.

    What were my thoughts on “Smash TV?” Well, a computer-enhanced, fully-armed contestant fights various enemies in a closed arena with a voice-over game show host and background sounds of cheering crowds. The contestant has to clear lots of stages (usually 8-9) to face a very big enemy (for example, Mutoid Man–they are called "boss enemies"), and destroy that boss enemy to clear that level. The contestant uses a regular machine gun but also has various enhanced weapons such as green-plum incendiary grenades and a wide multi-bullet machine gun that kills enemies, a smart bomb that destroys all of the enemies on screen in the arena, and even a temporary halo shield. I learned that one enemy that I need to be careful with is Mr. Shrapnel, the fat red-and-white guy. He self-destructs about 4 seconds after appearing in the game show arena, releasing about 8 pieces of metallic material that each looks like a diamond-shaped ninja throwing star (which is called “shuriken”) heading towards you, and you need to evade that shrapnel before it hits you and you lose your life. I also realize that I need to watch out for the orbs when you destroy Mutoid Man—the orbs look like futuristic flying saucers, and if they hit you, you get electrocuted and you lose your life.

    The whole overall action in this arcade game is fast-paced, and it is one of my favorite shoot-em-up games in that year . Watching out for enemies coming from left, right, above, and below helped me on my focusing skills, and this helped me appease the autistic symptoms that I had at that year.


  15. Can you make a recording of a clean "10 Seconds!" and post it please. Tia.

  16. If there is one thing I love about this game is the sound design. The sound of the guns and the general sound design in this game is top notch!

  17. The game did not have an ending because the developers were certain that no one would complete the game due to its high difficulty. They were forced to add one (The Pleasure Room) because some players did beat it.

  18. Anybody here because of "Whatta Horrible Year" ?

  19. I always thought those spinning yellow blades power up looked like the spacers used on an old 45 vinyl record.

  20. There is just something so satisfying about shooting those big orange robots @14:00. It's like popping bubble wrap.

  21. What are you going to do with those 1000 vacations and TV's lol

  22. Bravo 👏 ! It would cost me about three bux to finish . You did it and no deaths ?!? Scary awesome !

  23. They could easily bring this to android, that would be awesome imo

  24. 2,400 deaths….all for a few toasters?

  25. This was the first game made by the eventual creator of mortal kombat

  26. This and Robotron and then it morphed into Ikari Warriors. Damn you know I'm old when I played and know that.

  27. like still how trayarc kind of converted this in their own way for black ops 1 back in the day with dead ops arcade

  28. "Why do you have a stack of hundreds of toasters and VCRs?"
    "Oh, I killed a bunch of guys in the late 90s."

  29. Imagine if they made this game in 2021 holy fuck it would be better than DOOM

  30. One of my favorites. We had a lot of fun replaying this again. Sometimes you can't beat the classics like this.

  31. Some arcades had the audio on this game cranked to the point where the gunfire and explosions would vibrate the cabinet. Good for the game play, not so much for the speakers.

  32. 1:00:04 TOTAL CARNAGE!
    I LOVE IT!
    I LOVE IT!
    I LOVE IT!
    I LOVE IT!

  33. when your mom says your dad was a swinger

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