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Sit-Down Arcade

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Sit-Down Arcade


2in1 Sitdown Arcade and Virtual Pinball Machine is A PC-based powerhouse

650mm Height
790mm width
620mm depth to front of controls

We Ship World Wide and Australia Wide

Our 2in1 Sitdown Arcade and Virtual Pinball Machine (cocktail table for you old skoolers) lets you choose how you want to play your favourites – from old school arcade games (default MAME support thru the Hyperspin front-end) to virtual pinball off the vertical end of the screen default Compatible with Visual Pinball X, Visual Pinball 9, Future Pinball, and other pinball systems). Easy-to-use PinballX Selection Menu.

The 2in1 Sitdown Arcade and Virtual Pinball Machine features dedicated power, search, pause,and left/right mouse buttons.The clearly labeled control panel features competition-grade Happ joysticks, zero delay gold-leaf push buttons, and a trackball (used in supported games and works as a mouse in Windows).


Screen: 32″ LG Full HD IPS LED LCD monitor, running at 60 Hz. 3 year warranty
MSI B450M PRO-M2 MAX AMD B450/2xDDR4/1xPCIEx16/HDMI/DVI/D-Sub/M.2/USB3.2/MicroATX Motherboard 3 year warranty
*Board Spec’s are a guide only. May change without notice. Changes will not compromise game speed and performance and overall running of machine.
AMD Ryzen 3 3200G (YD3200C5FHBOX) 4.0Ghz/AM4/6M/65W/ Radeon RX Vega 8 w Wraith Stealth Cooler
DDR4 4GB Ram
Seagata 3.5″ BarraCuda 2TB ST2000DM006 SATA 6Gb/s 7200RPM 64MB Cache Hard Disk Drive
500GB SSD Solid State Drive
Windows® 10 , 64bit with licence
High quality heavy duty non slip control panel protective laminate
High-Performance Arcade Pushbuttons with integral minature gold-plated leaf switches.
Flipper Buttons: High-Performance Arcade Pushbuttons with integral minature gold-plated leaf switches.
Unlike most other pushbuttons on the market, the GoldLeaf buttons use a leaf switch instead of a microswitch. This means no clicking and results in an almost silent button. There is also no internal spring so the button only requires a very light press to actuate it.
Competition-grade Happ joy sticks . They can be operated as 8 way, 4 way or 2 way.
New Arcade trackball. PS/2
Logitech Multimedia Speakers Z333 80Watts 3.1 Surround Sound System
Coin Door
External USB port (Front of machine)
Free-Play Button
Power On/Off Button (positioned next to the coin door on the cabinet – power cord in the back)
Easy-to-use PinballX Selection Menu
Compatible with Visual Pinball X, Visual Pinball 9, Future Pinball, and other pinball systems
18mm T-Moulding around edges

Machines are 100% Brand New.

Machines are custom built to order.

A deposit is required before production of your machine commences.
Please allow a minimum of 14-36 working days for pick up or delivery.
As our machines are in very high demand, production times can be considerably longer (depending on the backlog of machines to be built at time of purchase).

Price does NOT include freight costs.
We have shipped all over Australia and to many overseas destinations.
Send an SMS, e-mail, or call us for a Shipping Quote.
You may also organise your own transport method.

Our Cabinets:
Built to last, with strong joinery and heavy-duty components.
CNC precision cut Black Flat Matt Melamine MDF board (not painted).
High quality vinyl decals (art work) with a flat laminate coating.
Extensive CNC precision cut ventilation slots.
Lockable access door.

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  1. Could I order a 18 tb hardrive for my boss machine later if I decide to upgrade it ?

  2. OMG 18TB cant wait to order my machine when you get it up and running 🙂

  3. With the 18tb system of PC games, would you need to hook a keyboard up to play them?

  4. Are Teknoparrot titles going to be part of the 18TB drive?

  5. Very nice job on the sit-down cab, only thing is I'd of gone for a more powerful pc. Don't get me wrong I know it'll handle the low end emulators with ease but for vpx and the hyperspin frontend? Not so sure, especially with only 4gb of ram that's way too low I saw some lag on that sinbad table and hperspin seemed quite laggy . A 5600g and at least 8gb of ram wouldn't cost that much more but would be a huge performance increase. Great job on the design of the cab overall though!

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