Should You Buy An Arcade1Up Gaming Machine In 2021 -

Should You Buy An Arcade1Up Gaming Machine In 2021

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Should You Buy A 1up Arcade Gaming Machine In 2021


Imagine for a second your friend invites you over to play a new video game that he just bought. You think it must be for the PS5, or the new Xbox, or even something like the Switch. But then when you get there you see tucked away in his living room corner is a brand new arcade game. And not some digital copy of an arcade, or like a mini version or anything like that. But a full-sized, quarter-taking arcade game. Would you be let down? Or would you perhaps be a little jealous? Or would you just be content to play Pac-Man all night long?

That’s the big question we’re going to be talking about today. Should you buy an Arcade gaming machine in 2021? Well why shouldn’t you? 2020 was a tough year for all of us and we need a bit more joy in our lives. That’s where a classic arcade game comes into play. Sure, the controls are usually much simpler than you would expect from a video game in 2021, but that doesn’t make the game any less fun! It’s a unique idea that could add that extra bit of excitement in your life that you feel like you’re missing… or it could eat up too much of your time because it’s just a relatively simple game with no real stakes. What do you think? Should you buy an arcade game?

Go ahead and check out our video below all about the big question of whether an arcade game is a good investment or not. Once you’re done, let us know in the comments if you would buy one if you could, as well as hit that big like and subscribe button for more awesome Gaming content like this. Thanks for watching TheGamer! Let’s get started.

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Written by Jacoby Bancroft
Narrated by: Joseph Delaney
Edited by: Rahul Chavda

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  1. Is there one if these setups that has more than 1 game

  2. Here's my thoughts on it:

    They're neat. But not $4-500 worth of neat. With an exception. Ok so, maybe I'd say it's worth it if you only ever plan to buy ONE, and it's like, your favorite game ever, and you plan to display it in a public part of the house. Especially if you have friends willing to play too. It could be pretty damn fun, and be worth the money. However… I don't really think it's worth it to buy multiple cabinets. For one, that's a lot of money to spend on 2-3 games at a time. Secondly, and the biggest issue for me, it's just emulation. It's good emulation, no doubt, but it's emulation.

    The fact that it's emulation, means you could get the exact same gameplay and sound quality out of just using MAME or FBA to emulate the games yourself. If it was, somehow, not emulation, then hell yeah, I'd be all for buying a few cabs. But, the fact that it's emulation, changes everything for me. What I'd do, is buy an old PC, something cheap that can run MAME, and buy a pre-owned 1up cabinet. Then just toss the PC and MAME into the cab. You'd then be able to use a frontend to make it look nice, and you'd have access to thousands of games on one cabinet. Hell, you could even toss other emulators on it like SNES, Genesis, etc.

    Just, I dunno. The fact that these 1up cabinets are just fancy emulator boxes that only emulate a few games…..just rubs me the wrong way, ya know? I can emulate every single Arcade 1up game (and thousands more) on my Xbox One, or even my Surface Pro 3. And if I really wanted an arcade controller, I can just buy one on Amazon for $50.

    The only benefit I can really see, is that you're supporting the original game by buying it. But aside from that, I'd just buy a cheap pre-owned one and turn it into a MAME Cabinet. So much better.

  3. The arcade cabinets are nowhere near 3K, Arcade1Up are between 200-400 from what I saw

  4. 0= The amount of times 'Arcade 1Up' was said during the 8 minute video about buying a Arcade 1Up cabinet. Makes sense.

  5. Fair Warning the first 4 minutes of the video is just random fluff.

  6. Hahaha I see what you did. You did not mention Arcade1up once . . Shame on you lol

  7. god this video is annoying can you just get to it

  8. Doood this video sucks big time.

  9. Yes. Just bought 2 arcade1ups. Good stuff.

  10. I nearly bought one a few years ago to rent out or rent a space to put it Now with all this Covid stuff I'm glad I didn't.

  11. Wow ….wow it took you over six minutes to get to the point in a 8 minute video, you must love to hear yourself talk seriously dude you are not witty you are not funny just get to the damn point and have some facts… not watching anymore of your videos just so you can talk while looking in the mirror thinking, hey I am a funny charming witty guy! Thank for the eight minutes of my life I lost , ass hat

  12. I have the arcade 1up cocktail ms pacman table and love it

  13. I love arcade 1up, I have game play and reviews on my channel.

  14. If we ever get back to a non-covid world, businesses would be wise to have 1 or 2 of these machines in their lobby/waiting areas. Would be very cool for kids and nostalgic and fun for the adults who grew up with arcades. ( also free!)

  15. Not a very well developed narrative for this video. Sounds like you were talking about what ever came to mind, very general information here. Cant believe you posted this lol.

  16. I have one in my bedroom and I absolutely love it 😍

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