Setting Up & Playing Classic Arcade Game PCBs -

Setting Up & Playing Classic Arcade Game PCBs

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Having an arcade game collection is the dream of many, but the full-sized machines take up tons of room. Why not play the original PCBs instead! Info on choosing a JAMMA SuperGun, RGB video transcoders, input options, interface adapters, ROM swaps and more.

● LGR links:

● Video chapters:
00:00 Introduction
01:02 Overview of Components
01:18 Arcade PCB Considerations
03:13 JAMMA
03:57 Overview of Superguns
05:07 Choosing a Supergun
05:48 Power Supplies
06:48 The Parsec Supergun
07:45 Kick Harnesses
08:36 Cartridge Arcade Systems
09:43 Arcade Joysticks
10:35 ROM Swaps
11:17 Displays & CRTs
12:36 Video Converters
13:30 LCD Monitors
14:14 Storage Options
15:05 Summary

● List of parts shown: (not sponsored, no revenue sharing, these are just items I’ve bought)
Home Arcade System HAS Supergun

Retroelectronik Essential Basic Supergun

Retroelectronik Pro Gamer Supergun

Parsec Supergun

8-pin Mini DIN to RGB SCART Cable

Cable Matters HDMI to VGA Adapter

Micomsoft XRGB-Mini Framemeister (out of production)

OSSC Open Source Scan Converter

Retrotink RGB2COMP SCART to Component Transcoder

Andoer GBS-8200 Video Converter Board

Irken Labs Retro Scale A1 VGA Line Doubler for 15kHz to 31kHz

Namco PlayStation Arcade Joystick NPC-102 (out of production)

PlayStation to 15-pin Neo Geo Adapter v3

JNX Rage Primal Rage Adapter

Pre-made Kick Harness Wiring

Capcom and other JAMMA adapters

Two Player Conversion Upgrade Kit ROMs

Rotating LCD Monitor Stand

500W EVGA ATX PC Power Supply

110W Suzo Happ Arcade Power Supply

Lions3 MV1FZ Top & Bottom Acrylic Case

Kraft Tab Locking Literature Mailers

Anti-Static Convoluted Foam

● Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:

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  1. games are very secured during the time….it need quarters to start did you get it started ??

  2. I have 5 classic PCBs that I am doing nothing with, I intended to do something, but I just don't have the time. I'll probably just have to sell them.

  3. damn Clint, its not a "game review" its a Harvard-worth college material hahahaha

  4. How come something like this ain't either illegal or stupidly zealously sued for ? I mean, most ppl know Nintendo and Capcom among others are absolute dickheads for no reason. Hell, a dude just talked about how certain emulations worked or how systems were cracked and got DMCA'd just cuz they could without risk of retaliation.

  5. 1:30 Is this the game where the bosses have a red diamond-looking thing in them that flies away after you destroy them? I've been trying to find it because I wanna play it again, but I could never remember the title, and I played the PS1 version. I remember the bendy laser shot, but it was way bigger than that.

    Is it possible to use a regular game cartridge the same way?

  7. Dear Sir I speaking from Bangladesh. I am a arcade gaming business man. I have a couple of video game shop in my city. My gamer is fell bore to play of pandora or those similar game. So I need to some new multi game with jamma pcb accordingly. In fact neo geo, capcom, konami or other jamma pcb platform has not attract the new generation gamer. So i need a new gaming jamma pcb board like Fifa 11, 12 or 13, need for speed underground, tekken 6 or 7, house of dead 2, call of duty like others. So is this possible to make a jamma pcb board on these game for business? may be those game will be format a arcade version mode. because my all gaming machine was build with arcade cabinet box system. so let me know sir, can you make my new game in jamma pcb formet. its busness purposes for based each player can play coin system.

  8. All the Turtles pcbs on ebay spiked in price for a couple months after this video

  9. I am thinking of Rad Mobile with proper controls, an analogue wheel controlled just like in the arcades…
    Control through MAME is doing something wrong.

  10. Where can I find an acrylic case for an MV-1A ?

  11. One of my favorite game is Xscavenger witch is portrated game from old vic-20/c64 game called Lode Runner.

  12. Fun watch and entertaining but will never try it. I'll stick with poor emulators on a handheld gaming device

  13. no CPS2 ? no Street fighter zero? no D&D?

  14. Is it possible to play Street Fighter 2 world warrior jamma on a CBOX MVS Super Gun console?

  15. Shit, this is complex. But dammit i'll do anything to authentically play the simpsons arcade!

  16. Battle Toads arcade ruins the NES, obviously, but holy cow what a compromise. The Summary portion at 15:43 has a Sony TV on its side acting as a vertical display, that gave me a good chuckle.

  17. Amazing i only get closer using retroarch but using original hardware that pwns !

  18. FYI it's called a supergun because one of the earliest devices was called that as a brand name and it became a generic term for such devices.

  19. I was waiting to watch this video. I just got a 573. While I refurb my cabinet, I cannot wait to test my boards to regular tv!

  20. It's really cool to have the original arcade cards to play at home. However, there is a big problem with this: if you have, for example, 50 games, you will obviously have 50 arcade boards in your bedroom closet!

  21. Clint, you're the boss. It is so obvious how much respect you have for all this gear and your whole hobby (which probably doubles as your job now?), which makes you even so more respectable person.

  22. So if there are four characters to choose and the super gun is only 2 players how do u select player 3 or four on the game

  23. All I saw was the sheer amount of ICs on the PCB and immediately got flashbacked to the class I almost failed during my electronics engineering course. I still don't understand how they work…I mean I do, but I gotta do a quick refresher before playing with an IC 😂

  24. That looks like a nightmare to set up. I am just sticking to emulation.

  25. I have years watching your videos, your'e like a nice old friend. YOur voice and reviews are peace to me. keep the good work, from venezuela.

  26. I have never seen component video on a consumer crt tv in the uk. The last crt tv I had had 3 scart sockets on the back, with the first 2 being rgb, and the 2nd and 3rd being s-video (2nd port supported both rgb and s-video). I believe it was a 32inch Sony Trinitron from 2001.

  27. I'll admit dealing with retro video game video output can be a chore. The OSSC has it mostly solved but it can get temperamental if the game decides to switch up resolutions. The OSSC generic mode is good about dealing with that but you don't get the crispy fine-tuning that comes with using OSSC profiles.

    If I didn't get an OSSC I'd probably think about getting a GBS-C AIO instead. That seems easier to work with.

  28. I'm from THAT time … Saw all of this in Original and dropped quite some coins on this things 😉
    Great to see. BTW: Why are this games still so good compared to lots of the multimillion AAA-Titles today?

  29. Does a super gun works on any pcb? I have some tecmo pcb and a hyper athlete pcb and it doesnt work with a cga to vga converter pcb

  30. This is some hardcore tech you've got going on

  31. This was how people had to do fighting games in the early 00's tournies. CPS boards man. Batteries would die and bork the copy protection. I love arcade stuff but this video reads almost like a Kafkaesque joke. Things keep getting more complicated and more nested with ifs ands. Great stuff.

  32. this video makes me happy because the first time I watched it we were on our way home from the black hills in South Dakota after a week-long trip.

  33. I'm very new to the hobby of collecting arcade PCBs, but if you're good at soldering or wiring, it's a great way to play arcade games without a hulky 200lb+ beast, provided you have the right tools. I started with a complex beast known as Sega Model 3 (Step 2) and hacked up a little Dreamcast racing wheel to play some its great driving games, which I own 2 of. Spent hundreds of dollars piecing it together as I purchased multiple boards and all had issues from the CPU Board! Maintaining these games is largely inevitable — you WILL 80-95% have issues if you don't buy from someone reputable, even if they are "Tested and Working". I've been fucked over before with DOA spare boards from people who didn't pack them right.
    As of right now, I can only play Harley-Davidson and LA Riders (my 2nd fav arcade game of all time), because my other game, Daytona 2 Battle on the Edge, boots with a RAM error. Fortunately there is a guy who repairs Sega boards for a quite flat fee, and if you got bubble wrap & peanuts, plus a generously sized box, probably best to send it over to irepairsega.

  34. Klax is fun af. Might get into this hobby just to play it at home lol.

  35. I like your storage solutions using boxes with artwork of the game. Recently I have been chewing on a few original ideas. I am convinced that Jamma is a thriving hobby in some parts of the world. I smell inventions and money.

  36. What can I use to play a Namco System 12 on a CRT TV?

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