Sega's First Holographic Arcade Game Ever! - Rerez -

Sega’s First Holographic Arcade Game Ever! – Rerez

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Time Traveler by Sega was labeled the World’s First Holographic Video Game on its release in 1991. But how does it play today?

Special thanks to The Strong National Museum of Play for working with us on this episode:

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  1. I visited my grandpa in Atlanta as a kid from the sticks and played this in their mall’s arcade. It always stuck with me. I remember running my hand through the characters and just being totally amazed.

  2. sega was so innovative in the past. they tried everything out. i liked that.
    BUT i also doom them for releasing the 32x in general. and releasing the dreamcast before the ps2. IDIOTS.

  3. Very cool and Respect what was possible at the time

  4. The game also lets you buy more reversal cubes in a store if you're willing to insert more tokens. I've actually seen this game at Barcade in NYC. It's actually still impressive to look at today when you see it in person. It looks exactly like what it's supposed to be. A hologram.

  5. Who's the person w/ the oversized jacket playing that game ?……

  6. This was so incredibly mind blowing at the time, but ya, the gameplay really sucked. Still a great attraction though, waving my hand through the characters was so crazy!

  7. OMG I totally forgot about this game until I just seen this video I remember playing this as a kid I really really sucked at it

  8. This is similar to the Haunted Mansion's Pepper's Ghost effect.

  9. 6:07 I know I'm late to the party here, but isn't the 3D that uses the red and blue technique anaglyph 3D, not stereoscopic? (I enjoy stereoscopic 3D photography, and how I do it using the parallel stereoscopic technique, involves putting the two images for the two eyes next to each other and using either a stereo viewer or a special viewing technique to see the 3D effect. That's not the only kind of stereoscopy though of course).

  10. Shane: “it’s 1991”

    Me: nah, it’s 2020 (or at least 2019 when the video was uploaded)

  11. This is what I think of when people say "Graphics over gameplay"

  12. I was in college when this came out! It was always out of order when I was at the arcade☹️

  13. One thing that didn't help this, at least at my local arcade, was that it took four quarters at a time when most games were either a quarter or 50 cents. I think most people did what I did and played it once, said "that's cool" and went back to TMNT or The Simpsons arcade cabinets.

  14. They had this at the arcade in the Walt Disney World hotel we stayed at in the 90s! I still remember the old man taunting us "You gotta turn before you shoot!"

  15. Back in the 90s we had real actors in games…2020 we're still trying to replicate real actors and are so worried about the graphics looking as real as possible…. you cant get any more real than real….

  16. "its not very fun to play" yes exactly why i didnt play this in the arcade much, i played it a few times i saw it as corny people dressed up like cheap cowboys and indians. it caught my attention because of the real full motion video but combine that with cheap insta deaths and it just never caught on with me

  17. Huh… I remember playing Holosseum, didn't know it was a repurposed cabinet at the time.

  18. Played it once when it was new but I didn't like it, it bored me and wasn't easy also was very expensive compared to other better games

  19. I remember seeing this when I was really little. I thought it was the coolest thing, but I also thought it was crazy that the guy playing it had put in like six quarters within a few minutes.

  20. Thanks for making this video, I remember playing this game. I couldn’t remember the name of it, I after all these years I still remembered the game 🙂

  21. When the tech gets there, which looks not too far off, then this tech here maybe the next revolution in videogames just like the way vr was. Only when we have the chipsets and all that that can support this type of gaming system. Thats what I think.

  22. This takes me back. I actually played this in the arcade back in the day.

  23. Dragons lair was in the Wegmans in auburn ny when I was 5 or so. I remember being obsessed with the tv cartoon quality graphics although it was so difficult at that age that I was basically just throwing away quarters lol. At least that game gave my mom some peace while grocery shopping…😂

  24. OMG! I used to play this at my local arcade! I haven't seen it since 1993! Thank you soooo much Rerez for doing a video on this. Brings back soooo many awesome arcade memories.

  25. I hope you answer your messages as I am in the middle of a hunt for something that you have come closest to answering….. similar time to time traveller there was an arcade game if you would like to view it as that that was chess… have been desperately trying to find out what the name of this game was…. it was a glass dome with a pyramid inside and the chess pieces move from the square to Square at your command…. I don't know if you can help but I hope really hope you can….

  26. Would like to add if anybody else that is reading this post knows of the chess game that I am talking about can you please leave a message as I've been hunting for this now for some years

  27. I remember playing this at the Disneyland Hotel's arcade in the 90s.

  28. I never actually played it because it was insanely expensive. As I recall, it was something like 2 dollars per play when everything else was 50 cents. But it didn't really matter because looking was free.

  29. Duuuuuuude!!!!! I was very young when I saw this at the arcade in the mall in the mid-90s. Then I forgot about it completely and thought it was a fever dream. I would mention it to fellow gamers and they all looked at me like I was crazy. I really thought I imagined it or Mandela Effected it. 😂 lol thanks for restoring my sanity 😂

  30. Played this all the time at Sea World. Didnt know what the hell i was doing but it was exciting nonetheless

  31. I remember playing this one wherever I could find it. May have been a cheesy game, but it was still fun and still had a way to drain all the money you brought to the arcade. One of my favorites as a kid, I wish an Arcade1Up-style company would remake the old cabinet for home use lol
    (Don’t buy from Arcade1Up, mine broke within two weeks and they literally left me in the dust with it)

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  34. Looks like the thing from Star Wars Christmas Special

  35. Can’t help but think a modern version with HD graphics and full game play might be fun, it could be a version of that holographic game they play on Star Wars.

  36. I used to buy arcade cabinets and restore them. Mainly 90s games but I was always after some of the classics. I wen't a few hrs away to a city in Northern Utah to pick up a stargate I wanted once and the dude I bought it from actually had one of these just sitting around practically in his driveway under a tarp.The game does suck, and I only ever boght games I enjoyed not just rare stuff, but the cab and the drive are worth a bunch of money these days. It was kinda crazy to see one of these, in decent shape, sitting pretty much out in the weather at this random dudes house. And it did work. There were some visual issues but it was physical not the electronics. It was pretty cool to see one in the wild. Unfortunately I quit the hobby as everyone and their mom now looks at places like ebay when asking money for their old buated cabs and see people ASKING ridiculous money for restored ones. So they think it must be worth a bunch, when in reality most of the time, they are worth maybe 200$ or less because they are almost never in very good shape, and often don't work right or at all. I drove to SLC once to look at a pacman mini cab that looked ok in the pictures (bad pics from a potato camera). But when I got there the entire cab was water damaged and swelling, the screen was all burned in and glitched out, it wasn't working after all, the controls were messed up and the whole thing had been sitting out in the weather for what I can only guess was months. The lady wanted like 900$ for it, and would not budge on price. This, after her adult daughter who I had been speaking too for a few hrs that day had said they pretty much wanted whatever they could get. It is a valuable game…. in good condition and working. But this thing looked like it had been rained on repeatedly and left to air dry everytime. Shi* like that is pretty common these days and ruins the hobby for anyone without an absurd amount of money and the willingness to just throw it around.

  37. I remember this! I was on vacation and saw this. Virtua Fighter won my attention, though

  38. Anyone remembers those big, bulky VR cabinets of the 90s? The ones with the really heavy helmets?

  39. Can’t wait for its 30th Anniversary Celebration event set in December…

  40. He makes a number of comparisons to Dragon's Lair in this review, but the live-action commentary reminds me more of another laserdisc game from the '90s: Mad Dog McCree.

  41. So, once again-75% of “holograms” were just the Pepper’s ghost illusion.

  42. Time Traveler – The World’s first 3D holographic Video Game
    30th anniversary celebration on December 10, 2021
    At the Boulder Oaks Golf Club
    10333 Meadow Glen Way E
    Escondido, CA

    celebrate a once-in-a-lifetime event filled with excitement & hear
    stories told by those who created, performed and helped develop the
    world’s first 3D holographic video game.

    7:00 pm – 2:00 a.m.

    Live band performances by: 7 Seconds to Vegas and Jim Gibson
    Time to celebrate!

  43. That's pretty cool I didn't expect to see your video linked to this. I was actually thinking about this game see how to get it. I remembered the game back in the day and thinking that was something cool and different at the time. I had to Google certain words that I wasn't sure I was using correctly to find the game LOL. Thanks for the nostalgic times

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