Sega's Deluxe G-LOC Arcade Cabinet - Rerez -

Sega’s Deluxe G-LOC Arcade Cabinet – Rerez

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I loved this game in the arcades back in the ’90s. Is it still fun to play today?

Special thanks to The Strong National Museum of Play for working with us on this episode:

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  1. Something I didn't mention in the video was the 360 cabinet version of this game. Unfortunately I never got to play it but if I find one I'll make a video on it!

  2. You ain't played the fully deluxe version it is a lot bigger and can do 720 spinning it's called the R-360 it's a bit like that simulator in space camp or a smaller version of that thing in contact movie's.

  3. Now I really want to see if the AVGN can land the plane.

  4. I remember this thing. There was a busted one in my local arcade when i was young… and it's left quite literally a permanent mark on me. A large scar on my leg

  5. I never played one of these but safety is what I'm really curious about. Did they have any kind of barriers around it so kids couldn't get too close while it was running? It seems like it would only be a matter of time before a kid stuck their hand in the hydraulics while someone was playing and got injured.

  6. It really hard for them to do such technology in the 90s. But they still able to do it.🥰

  7. i have always said and will always say: frame rate is more important than graphics.
    graphics age, good frame rate never does.

  8. Even the standup cabinet for this game was immersive.

  9. The sense of motion and speed was incredible on these arcade CRT displays. Nothing modern can compare to it.

  10. Got to visit the museum a few years ago, totally worth the drive from Ithaca. I was glued to the video games area, needless to say!

  11. If you can get the chance, please try the Galloping Ghost Arcade in Brookfield, Il.

  12. I know it'd be a bit of a hike for you guys, but Galloping Ghost Arcade near Chicago has recently acquired an R360 version of this cabinet. The trip would be worth it if you haven't been to the Arcade before since they have a ton of unique cabinets you might be able to cover and the owners are awesome. Would love to see it!

  13. I would kill to own this arcade machine. My absolute favorite as a kid.

  14. That thing is awesome! The graphics and music are amazing. 😀

  15. This and the sit down Star Trek Strategic Combat Simulator were in my top 10 arcade games, the Virtual World Mechwarrior pods were my favorite.

  16. Afterburner and G-Loc always remind me of Blue Lightning on the Atari Lynx. I went the wrong way around in my exposure to these early flight arcade games.

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