Sega's classic ZAXXON Arcade Game - Cabinet design, artwork, gameplay overview! -

Sega’s classic ZAXXON Arcade Game – Cabinet design, artwork, gameplay overview!

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This is a cool Sega Zaxxon we got in the shop, check it out! We show how the cabinet was designed, the artwork, and a little of the gameplay on this original machine, nearly 35 years after it was built, still going strong! See all our other games at .

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Typically the best arcade games sell quickly, so although some of the videos you see here on our website may be of top titles they may have sold almost immediately after the video was finished. We get these old gmaes in typically in pretty rough shape, repair them, then film a video after we’re done and upload it here fo rour friends on Youtube. People often wonder if we get free arcade games, not usually, we pay a decent prive even for ones that are broken or need repair. Typically we get 1 or 2 pinball machines in a month, and many more arcade games each month.

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  1. Dude!! You are actually pretty good at this game.

  2. Zaxxon no way! I had the board game version as a kid.

  3. lots of memories on this game in the 80's. hard to play but still shoved quarters in it trying to get better

  4. I bet you can find a quieter fan to replace the noisy one with. I have zaxxon on my Legends Ultimate Games machine, still hard as hell game.

  5. From the moment I first played it at a school carnival at the beginning of June right after it was released, ZAXXON was my primary game for the summer. When I went to Vegas in July, that was about the only game I played in the arcade at the Circus Circus hotel. I remember kids watching me get free play after free play and asking how I did it. I said the same thing every time, "A little creature called PRACTICE". I'd stay there for 10-15 minutes on one quarter. My last day there someone showed up and dropped a quarter in and blew my high score away. I was pissed!!!! The 3/4 view was to my knowledge the first of it's kind. I loved that game. Thanks for this blast from the past!!!!

  6. I just picked one up. For the wood grain, did you replace. What did you use? How about side art? Was it replaced?

  7. Maybe you could post your prices of the games. I enjoy watching your videos you describe them will.


  8. this game was hard to play due to the view aspect was like third person at a 45% rear angel

  9. I never understood why this game gets no love. Other than a cheaply built cabinet I love the graphics and love the way the game looks. Maybe adding more than the same two platforms over and over may have helped but all in all I like the game.

  10. Used to play the hell out of this game back then. I also remember that there was a shady little arcade I would sometimes visit that had some bootleg games. One was a clone of this one called "Jaxxon."

  11. I noticed that your fan is pretty loud. I picked up a Zaxxon today and my fan is also loud. Is that typical?

  12. Why not approach the robot from the other side of the asteroid?

  13. Zaxxon's graphics were genuinely mind-blowing in 1982, and the gameplay was hard. I don't know if they were particularly expensive for arcades to buy, but I never saw very many of them around.

  14. Awesome. I used to have it in my garage. Good memories.

  15. That was my go to game back in the day. I still remember counting the floor tiles trying to line up the final shots on that boss robot.

  16. pacthesir - The Random Video Channel says:

    looking back at this because i went to game preserve (A new classic arcade in Texas) and found a Zaxxon! along with a dk jr and ms pac man and a galaga and galaxian… but can you give a shout out next vid? 🙂

  17. I only seen this video game in person at a Super Slide in Columbia SC probably in 83 & it was a hell of a fast game.I definitely remember having Zaxxon on the Super Game Pack on my Coleco Adam.❤️ The Video!

  18. I played this one a lot! The commodore 64 had a great version too. Super Zaxxon or Zaxxon 2, however, was nearly impossible

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