Sega's Classic Virtua Fighter 2 Dedicated Arcade Game Cabinet - WHAT? -

Sega’s Classic Virtua Fighter 2 Dedicated Arcade Game Cabinet – WHAT?

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Another classic from the 90’s!

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  1. You have no idea how awesome this game is. 🙂

  2. Great looking cab. I did play Virtua Fighter 1 and 2 back in the day. It was a tough game indeed.

  3. Love the drunken master. The intro to this cab is awesome.

  4. I remeber when the first virtua fighter came out, it was like 75 cents or something. Because of that I only played it once or twice.

  5. The final boss of this game Dural is a hidden playable character, at the player select screen just hold down the joystick so the cursor is scrolling clockwise through the characters, the announcer will count down from 5 and then Dural will be selectable,

  6. I was super wowed when I got this on my sega Saturn back in the day

  7. Droooool! Interesting to see the layout of the buttons, seems unusual somehow to me. We need a new Virtua Fighter and it needs an arcade release.

  8. Another game I was always playing at the bowling alley. It influenced my decision in getting a Sega Saturn.

  9. I remember this game was the absolute cutting edge at the time. Nothing came close. First Sunday of every month my local arcade had a play all afternoon for $15 deal. All I would do was make the attendant load me up with 30 credits at a time on this machine. It was super hard. But I only went to play this game. Fast forward 20 years later and buying exactly this machine and towing it home was a dose of life in full circle. Sold it to an arcade museum up in the Gold Coast, Queensland. In the settings there is a ‘modesty’ setting – on for showing the drunk old man drinking from a bottle or off for nothing in his hand. Typical Jap conservativeness. I could only make it to the fifth opponent in my time with the machine. You need to learn how to defend in order to play this game properly.

  10. I used to dislike this game when I was younger but it really grew on me and I even bought the PSN version. I daresay it was more fair and balanced than Tekken 1 or 2.

  11. General wear from the joysticks lol! Yes sir cuz people played the h*ll out of it!

  12. Our local arcade had the first Virtua Fight. Popular game, lot of play.

  13. Virtua fighter vs. Tekken
    Battle arena toshinden just stands in the back

  14. This game has a very aggressive cpu. It's almost feels like Easy is normal, Normal is hard and hard is very hard..

  15. If you run into trouble with the hardware and you can't find a new board or parts, as a last resort, try using a Model 2 Emulator on a well made PC. You don't need a beast, just something powerful enough for 1080p. By the way, Sarah and Jacky are siblings.

  16. Just having a blast! The game can make you mad sometimes though. A quick fix for rage is to not expect to win. Doesn't always work for me. It works for some people though.

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