Sega's Classic 1996 The House Of The Dead Arcade Game - Overview, Artwork, Gameplay! -

Sega’s Classic 1996 The House Of The Dead Arcade Game – Overview, Artwork, Gameplay!

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Here’s an awesome Sega classic we got in the shop the other day, Sega’s The House Of The Dead ! This is the first one, in the cool pedestal cabinet. Shows cabinet, artwork, and of course… lots of gameplay! Check out all our games available at .


  1. Where are you are you at the Miami or somewhere

  2. Do you have carnEvil? That game is crazy too.
    The bloody mary boss in this game freaked me out. lol

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  4. Do You Want To Buy Arcade Sega The House Of The Dead Prices 1.0000

  5. Your Dvd Games The House Of The Dead Money 1000.

  6. I have this game on Sega Saturn with two orange stunner guns!!! Cost me $50 dollars. Great game. Still can't get passed the 3rd Chapter.

  7. Great review! I'm picking a broken one up next week that need the guns replaced, Glad to know the SuzoHapp 45's can replace the original House Of The Dead hand guns…Thanks

  8. Can anyone help me. I have Jurassic park lost world and need another gun been looking online this game and mine take the same Gun well the 2 house of the dead takes my same gun

  9. Best Arcade and internet cafe game i played in my life!

  10. Theres one in ebay for 800 bucks. Wish me luck to win the auction.

  11. I remember playing the sequel in Butlins Minehead and it was the deluxe one (i think) all i know is that it had a huge screen and the player 2 controller's finger guard for the trigger was snapped off, and i made it to the 3rd level on 2 credits. Haha, good times.

  12. really sucked that the Saturn port was shit

  13. Remember my pops taking me and my brother to speedzone in his GS300 to play this game for hours lmao and Jurassic Park. Miss the late 90’s early 2000’s

  14. At 8:44 you can see the burn in on the monitor he was talking about.

  15. I guess there were different revisions of this game.

    The floor texture on the 1st chariot boss fight looks surprisingly very different from the arcade dump I have. In the arcade dump running on the emulator, the floor texture looks completely different and kinda similar to that of the pc/saturn port.

    Edit: Nevermind. That's not the only texture that looks better here. Was the dump of the model 2 a bad one then? I have been testing many dumps of this game and all of them have bad textures on some specific parts of the game which looks miles better here on this video. Some examples include:

    17:56 floor texture is high res and has metallic texture. Ceiling looks better and high res too.
    12:43 high res and different looking floor.
    14:27 high res floor texture with patterns.
    15:30 high res walls
    16:03 different and high res walls.

    Almost all of them on the dump are low res and flat looking. Don't know if it's an emulator issue or just a bad dump as a whole.

  16. This reminded me of the house of the dead 2 cabinet, the gigantic one that you kind of step inside.
    Was one in Stockholm in gröna lund (sort of a fairground & zoo) last time i was there in 2009 i think ?
    fairly certain its been removed these days though as we don't really use the same swedish 5 kr coins anymore which i think it took along with 10 sek coins, maybe its been modified too accept those, i dont know…
    random picture of a similar one here.

  17. I came here since I have heard that House Of the Dead 1 and 2 are getting remakes.

  18. Can you put other sega gun games on this cabinet? with same sensors and such?

  19. Was an awesome time to go to the arcade. This game is a classic. Played it countless times.

  20. Who are you nobody gives me instructions I shall destroy everything

  21. Hiw much do you want for this game here? Always wanted a 1st person shooter cabinet.

  22. Why the hell would you sell this game? It's a collector's item and a masterpiece, how could you?

  23. That thing is a quarter muncher. It seems no matter how good you are, you are still going to die.

  24. I think this is the game I spent most of my money on. It was that addicting and you're right, those who were trying to run away from the creatures weren't helping any hehehe. During the time you were probably filming this, I just got back to the Philippines from my 10 year stint in the US.

  25. The voice acting still cracks me up to this day. 🤣

  26. I remember having nightmares after playing this as a kid LOL

  27. I remember playing this game at Q city in Mesquite Texas 👍🏽

  28. 😏I use to use both guns at the same time‼️…way more fun that way. Especially when the (Aliens) game came out with the 2 machine guns 🤗

  29. I have to say this channel has taken many hours of my life and am thoroughly entertained the whole time. The joy of seeing machines from a by-gone time brought back to life and made anew is plentiful. And with much respect to the host of this show who is very talented at restoring these beauties, he completely sucks at video games. You know how to fix them now learn how to play them. Cheers!

  30. Looks like sucha fun game… Shame arcades not having it anymore

  31. Whenever shooting the screen it flashes

  32. I loved this game when it came out, but I can't think of a more heinous quarter-muncher.

  33. Used to play this at Brighton Pier with my dad in the late 90s/early 00s, then the sequel, was good fun. Always did quite well but Magician was such a tough bastard every time, don't think we ever beat it. Loved the old games back then like the Jurassic Park on rails shooter, and another one set in a helicopter with a gigantic gun you used for it

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