Sega's Classic 1996 The House Of The Dead Arcade Game - Overview, Artwork, Gameplay! -

Sega’s Classic 1996 The House Of The Dead Arcade Game – Overview, Artwork, Gameplay!

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Here’s an awesome Sega classic we got in the shop the other day, Sega’s The House Of The Dead ! This is the first one, in the cool pedestal cabinet. Shows cabinet, artwork, and of course… lots of gameplay! Check out all our games available at .


  1. I think the one in our arcade had green blood it seems it is cool too see it again we played it a lot when it was new i remember it was a huge hit

  2. Used to play this at Brighton Pier with my dad in the late 90s/early 00s, then the sequel, was good fun. Always did quite well but Magician was such a tough bastard every time, don't think we ever beat it. Loved the old games back then like the Jurassic Park on rails shooter, and another one set in a helicopter with a gigantic gun you used for it

  3. I loved this game when it came out, but I can't think of a more heinous quarter-muncher.

  4. Whenever shooting the screen it flashes

  5. Looks like sucha fun game… Shame arcades not having it anymore

  6. I have to say this channel has taken many hours of my life and am thoroughly entertained the whole time. The joy of seeing machines from a by-gone time brought back to life and made anew is plentiful. And with much respect to the host of this show who is very talented at restoring these beauties, he completely sucks at video games. You know how to fix them now learn how to play them. Cheers!

  7. 😏I use to use both guns at the same time‼️…way more fun that way. Especially when the (Aliens) game came out with the 2 machine guns 🤗

  8. I remember playing this game at Q city in Mesquite Texas 👍🏽

  9. I remember having nightmares after playing this as a kid LOL

  10. The voice acting still cracks me up to this day. 🤣

  11. I think this is the game I spent most of my money on. It was that addicting and you're right, those who were trying to run away from the creatures weren't helping any hehehe. During the time you were probably filming this, I just got back to the Philippines from my 10 year stint in the US.

  12. That thing is a quarter muncher. It seems no matter how good you are, you are still going to die.

  13. Why the hell would you sell this game? It's a collector's item and a masterpiece, how could you?

  14. Hiw much do you want for this game here? Always wanted a 1st person shooter cabinet.

  15. Who are you nobody gives me instructions I shall destroy everything

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