Sega's Amazing DAYTONA USA 2 : Power Edition Arcade Driving Game from 1998 -

Sega’s Amazing DAYTONA USA 2 : Power Edition Arcade Driving Game from 1998

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  2. Hopefully Forever Entertainment remakes Daytona USA and it’s sequel. Forever Entertainment is going to be a big studio with them remaking Panzer Dragoon 1 and 2 as well as House Of The Dead 1 and 2.

  3. I hope to experience this one day in person. Love the Sega Model Arcade machines. ❤

  4. Interesting changes made by Sega from the original Daytona2 as you explain in the video to the special Edition version. I remember myself having a Sega Saturn version of Daytona2 which had the track with the waterfall etc. back in the days. I have the game still here somewhere, maybe I'll take it out for a comparison look towards this one you have and all this inspired by YOUR awesome work! You are really doing great! 👍👍👍

  5. Sega needs to make a compilation for modern gaming platforms for more people to legally enjoy these arcade classic games.

  6. Fantastic game, i had a twin in my house at one point, it was Awesome!

  7. Was this the one that let you hack it? We used to let people get a lap head start, then do the turbo/right wall turn hack to do 3 laps at full speed 😅

  8. Probably the greatest racing arcade games ever, Daytona 1-2. SEGA were always lightyears ahead of everyone in the arcades.

  9. I would love to own one of these, cause its my favourite arcade racer. But i'm in germany and these really don't exist here^^ but i can at least play it on the supermodelemulator wich is great. thanks for the video 🙂

  10. I tore up my shoulder lifting one of those onto a lift gate. Very heavy game.

  11. Love that game! Best racing game ever made!

  12. Daytona USA 2 Battle in the Edge
    and Power Edition. 1998 / late 1998.

    Amazing games, along with Scud Race / Sega Super GT.

    Lockheed Martin graphics hardware
    (Real3D/Pro-1000 chips were designed around 1995. Sega’s Model 3 board had two of these GPUs, each were several times more powered in practice than a 3DFX Voodoo Graphics card.
    (2x) 750,000 textured, shaded, lit polygons per second with all features on (Model3)
    ~250,000 textured, shaded, lit polygons/sec (3DFX Voodoo Graphics)

    IIRC, Model 3 Step 2.1 version had more pixel / texture elements for higher pixel / texel fill rate.

  13. I'm trying to remember the name of this arcade game: Racing game, started in a desert, drove through a city, started to rain, and if you messed up, a police officer stopped you and smashed the window. Played it in the 90s, anyone know?

  14. I love that game, I hope to own 2 of them for linked racing sometime soon. Thanks for sharing this =D

  15. thanks joe for sharing this video with us,and of course thanks for taking the time to film it 🙂 x

  16. Man I wish Sega went back and started making racing games again. Their F-Zero is amazing.

  17. Hello friend, how much are you selling it for. I live in Texas, thank you.

  18. My favorite racing game too, the advanced track is so awesome, I played a ton on a deluxe cab with motors. Awesome.

  19. hey thereI adore this game!!    its the iconic arcade racing game and so so exiting playing with friends and I can only pray that they someday release this for home console!.how was the aliasing on the real hardware??   I havnt seen it running for years!  was it quite jaggie?

  20. best arcade racing game hands down,just wish it was released online with multiplayer support……drooool

  21. What’s that light constantly going across the screen from left to right? Is it just the frame rate of the camera or what? No big deal, just a nit pick, if I may.

  22. When i worked at a supermarket i used to get 10 dollars in quarters and fed the Crusin' USA they had, lol thats how I learned how to drive!

  23. I love the game its a ton of fun in linked format ,, I still wish someone would make a arcade racing "simulator" like Atari"s Race Driving with honest driving physics and physics based car damage.. an experience game you simply could not play at home ..

  24. Wow nice board I heard that was expensive back in the day

  25. Great video, and a great game,I’ve got the original Daytona on the Sega Dreamcast……I still play it today lol.
    I loved this and Sega Rally…….brilliant.
    Thanks for posting.

  26. It really sucks that Daytona 2 doesn't get the same love as Daytona 1. Along with SCUD Race, it's a huge shame they never got a single port. I would love some kind of "SEGA Arcade Racing Collection" on modern platforms, because they're some of the best racing games ever. I may have preferred Ridge Racer's soundtrack but Daytona just had better gameplay.

  27. Avril Lavigne should buy Power edition not battle on the edge because the power edition includes the hornet

  28. I love this game to death! I'm really impressed with what Sega could do back in the day. They've made a variety of fun and awesome arcade racing games.

  29. We had one of these at my college and I would play it every single day and recently they got rid of it and the rest of their Arcade machines to replace them with Pay to Play consoles and it was one of the most devastating moments of my life.

  30. I remember back in when I was a freshman in high school, My Wal-Mart had this game. I miss it so much. I only managed to master the Beginner course. Unfortunately I was never able to pass the other two because I had trouble with power sliding. Awesome video Joe!

  31. Interestingly sega later made a Nascar game for the Hikaru board which is probably one of the most expensive and fragile arcade systems that exist. (Something related to the manufacturer using lead-free solder, if you bumped into the case you could snap the CPU off the solder pads)

  32. I'm a huge Daytona USA fan and played it loads in the arcades over the years. Unfortunately I never got a chance to play this sequel in the arcade myself. Although now I have rectified that and set up my own machine with a G25 and this game is amazing.

  33. 7:27 I beg to differ, the best music in an arcade game is killer instinct by leaps and bounds

  34. is that the cabinet game that you could link Multiple ones together? The big arcade that use to be in town had 6 of them linked together. I think it was Daytona the First one. Saw a advertisement about a huge video arcade in the states that had 8 or 12 of them hooked together.

  35. Great job with the repair. Besides the original (which I still play occasionally on Xbox), Daytona 2 is my next favourite. I love how the smoke forms from the tyres when sliding around corners, I haven't seen a game do such an awesome effect since!

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