Sega Saturn and PS1 Core Updates + X68000 Progress & New Arcade Cores - MiSTer FPGA November News! -

Sega Saturn and PS1 Core Updates + X68000 Progress & New Arcade Cores – MiSTer FPGA November News!

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I asked, you answered…and I try to listen 🙂 Of all the requests for new content on the channel one of the most frequently asked for videos is a series on the Terasic DE-10 Nano MiSTer FPGA hardware…so here it is! Retro gaming goodness.

On this episode of our MiSTer series we are going to be talking about the recent happenings in the MiSTer FPGA scene; Progress made on the MiSTer Playstation 1 and Sega Saturn cores, new arcade cores for some awesome Sega 16B and 16C games and enhancements to the Sharp X68000 core. Maybe I will do a news update monthly if this one goes well…retrogaming news reports lol

Questions? Comments? Just leave them below and I will do my best to answer each and every one of them!

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  1. Great video! Thank you. Would love a full X68000 setup one

  2. This is all so incredibly exciting, thank you for all these updates!

    Do you think there will be an N64 mister core made in the distant future? That would be absolutely incredible.

  3. The beginning reversed song plays in hell as well

  4. Hey, love the MiSTer content. One of the reasons I'm subscribed. This and 3DO stuff.

  5. Thank you for the update. I hope they can finish Saturn and ps1 on the mister, the progress so far is unbelievable.

  6. Definitely like these monthly updates, getting informed of new arcade cores especially as those can pass me by without knowing.
    But also great getting the status of the new cores we're all so excited for like the Saturn and PS1.

    Good work 👍

  7. I can't wait to see the MT-32 Pi set up video! Thanks for the great update.

  8. I like the round up of MiSTer news, I hope you keep doing it.

  9. I think doing these update videos is a good idea.
    There is so much cool things happening in the MiSTer scene one can easily miss some of the new stuff.

  10. Hey VGE, it is probably my own problem due to not being a native speaker, but I always have difficulties trying to catch your introduction. You speak quite fast in that part. Just some feedback. Otherwise great content!

  11. Oh don't worry : you are unique regarding Saturn !
    In the 90ies ,you had Sega and the saturn or… the "rebel" Sony and its PSX.
    If you enjoyed 2D games then , you loved Saturn.
    Of course, those games are now over … even if indie studios seem to love to recreate those kind of games !!

  12. There are a few X68000 forks currently. Is there a "best" one?

  13. Good video update! What is that strange sound in the intro btw? And 60 hour work weeks? sheesh!

  14. Great video as usual. Honestly, I could easily trade PS1 for N64 because PS1 is SUPER easy to emulate from so many mediums but Saturn and N64 has been the trouble child. Even the Dreamcast/PS2 are easier. I'm still glad PS1 gets done because it may bring inspiration to the future N64 core dev. Now….Arcade cores post-1994 is where the action is at. I need SFIII (all versions), Martial Masters, Newer Raiden games and any/all versions of Taito X systems.

  15. We already had Fantasy Zone 2 from a core (Sega System E?) from a couple of months ago… but iit isn't a bad thing to have two.

  16. Everyone likes updates, especially Mister updates 👍🏼

  17. What are the benefits of mister? I’m quite new getting to know it.

  18. Looks like triangles that crop off the edge of the screen aren't textured properly on Saturn. Suspect all this stuff is going to fix all at once, once he gets that right.

  19. Nice. All we'll need is a 3do core and you'll have the top 3 selling 32 bit consoles.

  20. Thanks for this update. I would be in favor of monthly updates like this. Thank you. I would LOVE these cores

  21. Please keep doing these updates. I used to really love Pezz82’s MiSTer news updates.

  22. Please keep doing these update videos since it's tough to find news on anything new related to the MiSTer project. I also saw that the original TMNT arcade game is being worked on for the MiSTer arcade core as well.

  23. Is that new X68000 core public yet? I have updated several times but the core still looks the same to me ie. the only options I see for it in the menu are Aspect Ratio and Reset.

  24. Baku Baku Animal is a totally under-the-radar puzzle game. Easily right up there with the likes of Bust-a-Move or any other top puzzle game, it's one of my favorites on the Saturn!

    I like the MiSTer updates!

  25. Fun fact about Croc: prior to Nintendo creating Mario 64, Argonaut had an idea for a Yoshi-themed racing game. I believe it was supposed to be something similar to Diddy Kong Racing (and may have even been the inspiration for it). Argonaut created a 3D Yoshi demo for it but Nintendo passed. According to Jez San, Nintendo used their work for inspiration on Mario 64. (I'm not inclined to believe ALL of his claims…)

    Regardless, the character was changed to Croc and Argonaut took it to Sony after Nintendo rejected it, and it became a platformer. At least this much is clear: the character definitely resembles Yoshi to some degree.

  26. That MT-32 setup is going to also get you an enhanced soundtrack on Final Fight on the x68000 core. Try it out.

  27. I love the update videos. I don't have a mister yet but I'll definitely buy one if the Saturn and/or PlayStation cores release!

  28. I'm looking forward to the X68K video. I am a novice at this stuff and I love the updates.

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