Sega Genesis Classic Console: 80 Games in One! -

Sega Genesis Classic Console: 80 Games in One!

Jeremy Hill
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The AtGames Classic Sega Genesis Console gives you 80 built-in games for around $40. Let’s check it out.

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  1. can I insert sega genesis games from the model #2?

  2. Are u able to play nba jam cartridge on this console?

  3. I have an actual Mega Drive v2 (as its known in Europe) but I'm looking forward to play this., just bought one from the UK, hopefully it will bring me back all those back to back memories. Great review Jeremy really helped me out to know if it was worth it our not.

  4. altered beast and streets of rage alone are worth price of console, now I'd love it if they added in the Rambo games and a few of the FIFA early games

  5. only thing why don't it have Shining force series and Phantasy star 4 and Y's 3 or any of the wonderboys and Toki !

  6. Jeremy, May I ask if this game has eternal champions. And does eternal champions work ?

  7. Got most of these old games for the Ps3 can't remember the name of it have it lieing around somewhere

  8. My tv doesn't have the yellow slot so I get no color what should I do

  9. The sound on this is so fucked up..YOu should have shown it

  10. Where could I find a list of cartridges that this can not play?

  11. My oldest sister got me one of these for Christmas.

  12. AT games products have the absolute worst sound I purchased 2 of there products

  13. I got one of those. you can also play original Sega games

  14. this console should be free cause that's all its worth total garbage

  15. My parents got me the latest version, and it works super well, considering they never owned an original.

  16. Nope this is not true!
    1.39 games Sega
    2.Price 80$
    3.Slow working games
    4.Worst Classic Console Ever!
    5.Controller has not Bluetooth and is not WI-FI
    6.Not working for TV Hdmi

    Better buying NES Classic Mini

  17. Could I buy a copy of Road Rash and play it? I wasen't happy when I didn't see it on there

  18. Do the sega master system games work if you insert them?

  19. how do I access the other games other than the 8 pages listed? such as ecco. ..thanks

  20. No nba jam, road rash, or mk's.. They should put contains 75 garbage games on the box..

  21. Great review. This Genesis Classic Game Console is the one to get. Bought it on eBay for $32.00 and purchased 2 sega Genesis clone controllers for about $6. So far, I played Alien Storm, Altered Beast, Golden Axe II, Streets of Rage 2, Eternal Champions, Vectorman and they were all great. How can it be called garbage is beyond me. It isn't overpriced and not hard to get. It's got 5 Sonic Games, Streets of Rage 1,2,3, Golden Axe I, II, III, Altered Beast, Eternal Champions, Alien Storm, Vectorman 1,2.. Can't complain since you can get this on eBay for $30-$35 and also buy 2 wired controllers for about $6 right now on eBay. If the sound/music bothers someone, just lower it.

  22. Is it weird tat one of my favorite games for genesis is Arnold Palmer Tournament Golf? So many memories with that game. It had such weird sounding sounding music.

  23. I play all this games in my classic console

  24. All the people that say it is shit, you need to shut up.
    80 games of high quality that play decently for that price is great. I got one for a gift and can't complain. Golden axe and the sonic games cover the price, the rest are just gravy.

  25. I got this plugged it in and it say (Unsupported Mode) any help?

  26. I own one of these.

    The 40 Sega games it includes are great
    It is small
    It is Cheap.

    The audio and graphics are dreadful
    It says it has 80 games but 40 of them are good and the other 40 are garbage homebrew games.
    The controllers use infrared which can cause things to go wrong if you don't point the bloody thing at the console.

  27. I got one, but with wired controllers. There's different games between them from what I see. Otherwise it's the same. I like my little game system, I was a huge fan of the genesis.

  28. It says 80 of segas best games, though the only sonic title in it was sonic and knuckles. And I couldn’t even enjoy the soundtrack from that because all of the sound effects and music were much lower than normal. I didn’t know if it was the power outlet or whatever. Anyone else have that?

  29. Just buy a raspberry pi with retropie

  30. Controller won’t sync I don’t know what to do

  31. Hell there is only 2 good games on this classic.its comic zone..and one of my favoret games ever is fatal labyrinth..most people have never heard of fatal labyrinth.its very obscure.but its very addictive to play..but this genesis classic is pure garabge…there r a few big name games on here but 75% of games on it is just checkers.cannon.bottle tops..there a 4-5th olds introduction to video games…its all filler garbage…and the controller is trash.

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