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S.A.M.I by Midway “Worlds Greatest Arcade Machine”.

Eddie Cramer
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This vid shows the arrival, internals and gameplay of one of the most fascinating EM Arcade games of the 70s

The description below is from the Wonderful Arcade and Pinball Repair and info site by

Clayton Harrell


Thank you Clayton for all that you have done for the enthusiasts and for being the one true Hero that keeps Pinball and these old machines Alive.

This and Sega’s Periscope are my favorite machines from the 70s Does anyone have any video of Sega’s Periscope?


  1. Very cool EM Arcade . I think i played that one once or twice in Milwaukee,Wi

  2. Very nicely done video of this EM classic. I have one of these in my collection (that projector fan sure is noisy when machine is idle!). If you think about it, SAMI is like an early version of the video game "Missile Command" …Thanks and have fun!

  3. Outstanding! Thanks for posting!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Ohh WOW, Thank you for this cool Video! Amazing that game, I really like to own this too. I watch it again and again Soo Great!

  5. OMG!!! I remember playing this as a kid at the local Buckeye Mart. This and Sea Raider were always my favorite games at that time.

  6. I am always watching for one of these or a similar type machine. GREAT find! Tell me, how does it create the sounds? I am hoping these do not use an 8-Track.

  7. It uses a solid state soundboard which was modern for an em.

  8. I bought this game at an aracde auction over the weekend. It was the last machine and no one but me bid on it. I got it for 2.00   It's all complete but doesn't work.  Need to go through it all someday.  Looks like it would be a cool machine to play.

  9. If I had a beauty like the woman in the jeans, I don't know that I'd spend much time playing arcade games. 😉

  10. Great electromechanic game!
    But probably on this machine the collision detection must be recalibrated!

  11. Holy crap!!! I remember playing this when I was a small kid!! Awesome!!

  12. Awesome EM game.  Man, I miss these.  I would LOVE to add one to my collection (besides my Space Odyessey Pin), but they're always so expensive (in CA, at least)!  Congrats and thanks for sharing.

  13. that game looks pretty sweet. i love how the pre 80's stuff has such an interesting ingenuity.

  14. 8:15 you can see the splice in the film strip that the enemy aircraft
    is printed on.

    I'm surprised they don't use 2 or 3 film strips running side by side and at slightly
    different speeds to sort of randomize the game a bit, as after a while, a player
    would have the pattern memorized and win every time (if that matters?)

  15. em could have gone further than this, i think it was just laziness of the industry that stopped more of these from coming out.

  16. Amazing!! I briefly remember the remnants of these style arcade games as a youngster. They would tend to be in old arcades on piers on the coast etc and i'd find them mesmerising.. Cool stuff and thx for upload!

  17. It's always humbling when you see machines like this that can't be emulated on bootleg home-made arcade cabinets. It's like playing a rom of GORF, but not having the ranking lights on the side panel… just taken to an extreme.

  18. Nothing else like those classic electromechanical games. The engineering that went into those machines is remarkable. Unless they're restored they're gone…forever. No way to MAME one of those. Thanks for saving that classic. I'd love to give it a go myself! Semper Fi.

  19. Played this at the Adam's Roller rink in Charlotte michigan around 1977/78

  20. Sega's is almost 10 years older and looks nicer…

  21. Why don't the ships disappear when you hit them?

  22. I played this at a bar when I was a kid!

  23. Lo jugué en la década del 70. Impresionante!!!

  24. What's your score? All I see is the 2 minute timer.

  25. I played the crap out of this game as a kid in the early 70's in Upstate New York. Came out years before Pong or Space Invaders, and planted the seed early for me to be a lifelong gamer. Damn near 60 now and still at it! Great memories, thanks for sharing.

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