Roger Clark Wins Best Performance for Red Dead Redemption 2 -

Roger Clark Wins Best Performance for Red Dead Redemption 2

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Roger Clark wins the Best Performance award for Red Dead Redemption 2 at The Game Awards.


  1. I love the fact that Arthur's opening voice line is "this whole things pretty much over" that is what I call 💫foreshadowing 💫

  2. Your honor level has highly increased

  3. Shouldve been game of the year but gow has a lot of fan base thou hehe

  4. Dutch somewhere in the background
    "We need more awards!"

  5. Now he be like
    "I tried and in the end I did it"

  6. He even looks a bit like him, the icing on the cake but is his wife's name being Molly!

  7. I would say that christopher judge also deserves this award but Roger Clark probably deserves it more since rdr2 didn't win goty in 2018

  8. In any other year, Christopher Judge’s Kratos would easily win, but it just so happened to release during the same year as Red Dead 2. Arthur just feels…real.

  9. It was between Bryan Dechart and Roger Clark for me

  10. That man standing on the stage right there is The man that created the worlds greatest character in rockstar games ever.

  11. sells the award at the fence for 50$, buys some guarma rum, drinks and rides to the sunset

  12. We love you, Arthur Morgan, should I say Roger Clark. You are amazing. We love you.

  13. Roger Clark Deserve This. The Legendary Outlaw / Good Man / Live Live For Friends And Die For Friends

  14. Roger going up on the stage be like:
    "Just get out of my way."

  15. The moment i knew i was gonna love arthur is when ross told him his head was worth 5000$ and arthur said. can i turn myself in

  16. I thought that was Riley Reid in the thumbnail

  17. The music that kicked in when he won it was just

  18. Congrats Arthur Morgan it's the best game I ever playing where is Sadie lol

  19. As Roger Clark greets to shake Christopher Waltz hand

    “Ya god damn maggot!”

  20. Not hearing, "OUT OF THE DAMNNN WAY"

    Me" Sad rdr2 fan noises

  21. I love how my favorite game, as well as what is now my favorite movie (Alita) are together in the same video

  22. "check arthur at the door"
    I can see him just patting his wife's head saying "You're alright girl"

  23. I find it pretty cool that Christoph Waltz gets to be there to announce the winner. He plays Doctor King Schultz in a cowboy movie called Django Unchained.

  24. seeing christoph waltz kinda makes me wish he would appear in rdr2 as a stranger character. like, some random german bounty hunter that you can meet from time to time or something, that'd be really cool

  25. I still cant put my finger on why, but whenever the train heist music starts I just cant help smiling

  26. "guess this is the part where words that make sense are supposed to come out of my mouth"……nailed it haha

  27. Assasin creed should not be nominated they sound like a bunch of russians

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