Road Runner (ARCADE) Inv -

Road Runner (ARCADE) Inv

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Classic atari game back in the day. Controls are really bad in this game other than that, it’s pretty cool


  1. Haha, gotta love that rendition of the Bumblebee xD

  2. Alright, so the game loops after 4 levels, and ups the difficulty.  Not bad.

  3. An arcade near my area has the original cabinet of this game and I agree, it is a lot of fun! The controls are a little awkward but the sound and graphics and source material stay faithful to the original shorts 🙂

  4. The rendition of the William Tell Overture is one of my favorites of all time.

  5. Since Warner Bros. has already acquired Midway Games after it's bankruptcy, Road Runner would've been a clever addition to Midway Arcade Origins, released by WB Games, since titles by Atari Games, including Gauntlet, Marble Madness and Toobin', were featured in the Midway Treasures and Origins compilations. Atari Inc. on the other hand is totally different since they released Pong, Asteroids and Centipede which have no relation to Midway.

  6. This game was technicslly very advanced for it's time but it was hard as son of a bitch.

  7. loved this game a young boy, not sure i would want to try it again, but great fun seeing it for sure 🙂

  8. i just bounght the NES version of this and love it

  9. I came here because of James and Mike Mondays

  10. This version throws the nes version away in terms of graphics & sound, with funny sound effects, but just like the nes version, it's just as hard as son of a bitch.

  11. i used to have the full stand up arcade in my house, our roomie was a tech, still trying to find this other one we had it was like asteriods but had warp holes and you fough some wird huge greem face guy silialir to sinistar

  12. This game was orrible and eat coins….is impossible to end with a one play.

  13. For at this moment this Lives got hacked you take this forever. 5:08

  14. I've only seen this once as a kid back in the 90's at a pizza place.

  15. ahahah what a shitty game, I had this one on C64

  16. please port arcade archive for nintendo switch

  17. Regarding the ambiguous bad controls comment in the description – If you mean that the controls are bad on your PC / emulator, then you're correct; your controls suck. The arcade game on the other hand uses an analog joystick allowing smoothness and precision of maneuverability. NOT an 8-way stick as someone else commented. I've recently seen a Road Runner arcade game where some schmuck installed an 8-way joystick and destroyed its playability, like in this video, so, to anyone who encounters an arcade game that no longer has its analog joystick, be aware that it's not correct.

  18. My childhood has been revived ! Used to play this alot when i was 5 years old in 2005

  19. I do not blame you for using cheats…

  20. They got the "meep-meep" spot on perfect! That's fricking AWESOME. I have got to play this game.

  21. "Controls are bad" because you are playing with a keyboard and not a proper "hall effect" joystick as found on the arcade machine.

  22. I played this in the arcade. I loved the aesthetics but it was aggravatingly hard to line up with the seeds.

  23. The only time the coyote gets the road runner. I remember this game

  24. Now I know why no one was playing this in arcade. It's hard as shit

  25. Thank know how many a quarters I used in this and never got to the end.your skill level is like mine, abysmal.

  26. They should have made a awesome looney tunes road runner game on ps4

  27. Another Chuck e cheeses mainstay

  28. Roadrunner: hit by truck
    Wiles: casually drinking lemonade
    Fans: confused screaming

  29. the cutest thing about this game is honestly just the equity of seeing BOTH boys fall of cliffs/get flattened/blown up, etc. (hey, at least they both even get to enjoy lemonade)

  30. I have fond memories of discovering this game at an arcade located across the street from my high school back in 1987. I loved the background music, especially when it plays the Russian Dance from the Nutcracker, because I was in Marching Band and we played a Nutcracker medley that included that. It also plays the Sabre Dance, William Tell Overature, and the Flight of the Bumblebee.




    Fun fact: this game has an analog stick allowing for three speeds of movement before Super Mario 64 popularized the idea.

  34. This was next gen.
    Spent ages recreating a screenshot on deluxe paint II

  35. Also looney tunes recess has a roadrunner game too It Is on Y8.

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