Review of a 999 in 1 Video Games Home Arcade Console Pandora's Key 5S -

Review of a 999 in 1 Video Games Home Arcade Console Pandora’s Key 5S

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Hi, this video is an in depth review of the Pandora’s Key 5S sometimes known as a Pandora’s Box 5S. Please see the link below if you are interesting in buying this item:

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This is a 2 Player Arcade Stick with 999 games built into it. They are mostly arcade games from the 1980s and 1990s. It is very easy to set up, you just need to plug in the supplied power adapter and HDMI or VGA cable to your TV or monitor and start playing. Most of the games are 2 player so it is great to play with friends or family.
I show the settings, the games, the inside of it, how to change the restrictor gate to a square or octagonal version. I also show it working as a 2 player arcade stick on the PC on Steam.
Many thanks, Vince.


  1. Where is the part you talking about the built quality

  2. I understand it’s cheaper but why not just all out with pc and hyperspin… Its worth it.

  3. Is donkey kong , pacman and a 2 player fighting game on there??

  4. nice review…. but one source says 1300 games the other says 1600… now 999?

  5. its shit try play 2 player on streetsmart on 2 player it wont let you play 2player on that game and some other games only some

  6. I bought one of these with 800 built In games just like this one with the 2 joysticks and buttons I bought it for $74 & sold It for $100

  7. Can you connect this to PS4 just to use as a controller?

  8. Can i hook this up to my pc to play as a controller?

  9. Are these games below on the system:

    Tecmo Bowl
    Super Tecmo Bowl
    Street Fighter 1 , 2 and 3
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    Killer Instinct
    Mortal Kombat

  10. How about Mike Tyson punch out as well is it on system

  11. I agree. But the graphics are pony🤣🤣😂

  12. So the graphics are closer to the Genesis/Megadrive than to actual arcade right?

  13. sorry its almost 2020 already. when i connect my unit to my pc the board lights up but nothing gets detected on my pc. is there a solution to that?

  14. You hit the nail on the head sir. Your review was absolutely amazing on us 30 year olds only had so much to spend at the arcade room.

  15. If it has the follow arcade versions:
    -Michael Jackson’s Moon walker
    -Alien vs predator
    -TMNT 1989
    -The Simpson’s
    -CAPCOM Vs Snk 2
    -Street fighter 3rd strike
    -Marvel Vs Capcom
    -Metal Slug 3
    -Mortal Kombat 3
    -Tekken 3

    Then I’ll get it.


  17. 2 questions how can I get this with the bar cabinet and what games?

  18. How many dollars I need to buy it?

  19. Hi Mate, do you think you could do a video of the game Green beret as it was my favourite as a kid and I want to buy one of these consoles.

  20. yay yayyy looks good just supported u bro

  21. Hi i cant connect to ky laptoptnx gb

  22. Would you mind sharing the image of the sd card that's on board? Without any roms of course. Mine has several settings that are unmodifiable and I am wondering if swapping the "firmware" might help somehow. I know it's a hassle but… There I go. Thanks!

  23. I accidentally damaged my hdmi port, and for some retarded reason my vga part refuses to work, I even bought an vga to hdmi converter, still no picture. Anyone knows if those are my only options to visual output? Cause it also comes with a usb ports, but, idk if I can use that to get video output
    Any answer will be appreciated.

  24. My pandora's box console arrived non working defective

  25. Turning 37 this year. Saw this video and just ordered this exact one on Amazon. Job well done on this video!

  26. Can you tell me how to update it I've been trying to put Beavis and butthead on it Can you put a tutorial up how to do that

  27. should the arcade stick be tied to the engine room?

  28. NOW VINCE SON IS 10/11 NOW😔😔😔😔😢😢😢

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