Retro Arcade Games in Basement Arcade | Sanctuary | Zillow -

Retro Arcade Games in Basement Arcade | Sanctuary | Zillow

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Jeremy Wagner’s growing collection of vintage video games led him to turn his basement into a retro arcade where all are welcome – no quarters needed! Filled with classic games from Donkey Kong to Q*Bert, this space is where Jeremy comes to relax and unwind.

Sanctuary is a Zillow series profiling individuals who took their passions to new levels by building out their space to do what they love most.

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  1. if Guy Fieri had an in-the-closet son his own age.

  2. Nice job!!! I have the same thing along with Lionel trains on one side.. would love to have ya visit my place if ya could..

  3. 👍🏽❤️🙏🏽👍🏽❤️👍🏽

  4. Looks great! Perfect hangout for you and your friends

  5. My first gaming console at home was the coleco vision all that remains of that Is the Donkey Kong cartridge I still have since 1982.

  6. I know that's living. It is a blessing; what we had in the 80s can now had at home. Kids these days will never experience what we did during those days. In New York we had Playland Times square and one on Staten Island by South Beach both are gone now.

  7. You seem like a really good guy. God speed bro

  8. Thats cool you are keeping all those great machines working

  9. This guy fucks. Unreal arcade and story. This is awesome 😎

  10. Mine is alot smaller but I have the same feeling. I used every millimeter of the room.

  11. You just brought me back to my childhood.. Your arcade is amazing.

  12. WWF superstars and wrestlefest coming.

  13. If I ever become rich. I want a basement like his 😀

  14. Awesome but you have asteroids? Thanks my favorite one I wish I could get

  15. Yo u know how to find a cliffhanger cab I’m a fan of Lupin

  16. That could be the best usage of basement space I've ever seen!

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