Repairing Atari's 1982 Dig Dug Arcade Game! Hack Removed! -

Repairing Atari’s 1982 Dig Dug Arcade Game! Hack Removed!

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  1. i love the logic probe and the schematic work in this one. Great job Ron. !

  2. love tht game i play tht on play station classics

  3. wish we had a arcade back in baton rouge again great video…..

  4. I love the commentary, another great video, thank you.

  5. Stephen Long's Movie and Video Game Corner says:

    Is the monitor on the dig dug a Matsushita or a GO7

  6. Atari made dig dug it’s not Namco I remember Pac-Man was midway balley MFG and Galaga is Namco sure they don’t want to take centipede and millipede away too from Atari now I know Atari made dig dug not Namco

  7. hold button down to pump ; ) one of my all time fave games. got the mini one from wallys tho close its not the same.

  8. My first touch to Dig Dug was on the C64 as late as 90's on a turbo tape. Liked it instantly. Then… one of my favorites is Wizball, but I bet there is no arcade conversion.

  9. Make the music stop! Please! 😄 The trick to getting points is to drop the rock on the monster while it's frozen because you pumped it up. Multiple monsters with the same rock to score really big. You can part way inflate the monster and then let go, to get all of them together in a big bunch

  10. Very cool game, man what a good shape survivor! Cool repair and all the details. Thanks so much

  11. Enjoy your videos. I thought that you said in another video that you had no formal schooling in electronics, and that you were self taught. But were there any books on electronics that you used in particular to help you get to the point that you are now?

  12. 5:33 looks like someone took the "quantity over quality" approach to soldering…

  13. I had a Space Duel standup… I had to fix the Wells Garner display…. 20 years ago… good times..

  14. That game sounds way happier than when it started. If I were Dig Dug, I think I'd be kicking that bicycle pump to the curb and carry a 100 psi air compressor around. LOL! Great job fixing the game!

  15. Another 80’s classic get to live again ! Keep up the great work

  16. I have successfully used fiberglass brush to clean connector traces.

  17. Nice. I never liked digdug as kid,but nowadays I am very fond of it

  18. I thought it was the PoKey. No wonder the sounds for my Atari 8 bit computer has 2 versions of Dig Dug and it sounds just like the arcade.

  19. You might not be an engineer but you are a real logical enginerd. Better in my opinion.

  20. Sorry for being a pedant but its a potentiometer not a rheostat.

  21. Where do you get the arcade games to repair. It might be something I'd like to give a try.

  22. This game , my goodness , when there was no law about sending your 12 year to store get Pop's smoke, Let me tell you , he never got his change, unless it was smoke , loaf bread dinner run I never passed up opportunity play this game. , I put ever quarter I had into the laundry arcade. I was on run one day, got diamond was about break the machine record,. low behold I didn't know I was there for hour. pops came lookin for.(smokes) snatched the bag, loaf bread , said get home now. sorry long story, we all know the 80's rocked. My late pop was awesome, he never got his change normally expected that.

  23. Oh Dig Dug. 😂 My parents owned a Dig Dug, Galaga and Ms Pac-Man in the mid to late 80s when they bought a convenience store. Galaga and Ms Pac-Man made money and stayed in the store and eventually sold with the store later. But Dig Dug sucked ass and they brought it home and put a rental machine in its place. I played tons of Dig Dug growing up and I think it is one of the most boring games of the era…but a classic.

  24. I love that the Z80 from 1982 is still humming along…. I build retro style computers with Z80s and RCA1802s

  25. I was great at this game. Watching you play, brought back memories.

  26. YESSSSSS!!!!!!
    I pumped 100s of dollars into that game at the beach arcades when I was a kid..
    Frikin nostalgia bubbling..😆 🤣.
    Nice one Joe!! 👏

  27. AWESOME FIX!!!!!!! AWESOME GAME!!!!!! It looks and sounds amazing now. YOU DA MAN!!!!!!!!!

  28. well you fixed it,. great now take everything out of that case and clean out all that dust and grim out of that case . keeping is fresh and clean will keep it running longer.. you do not want to go back and do another repair.. keep it dirty is the enemy. if it dose break down may not be able to fix it. and the fire is the worst FOR THE LOVE OF GOD KEEP IT CLEAN

  29. the ARCADE as I remember is DEAD. all those 8-BIT video games are GONE. what is left is CLAW GAME, HUNGY HUNGY HIPPO anything is not a video game it sucks

  30. Have you’ve ever seen a tron arcade cabinet. If so do you have any videos I could possibly watch you have made on the arcade tron?

    Also I subscribed to your channel because it shows me some basics of how arcade machines function.

  31. Been watching this channel a lot lately, the nostalgia runs deep!

    I was 8 to 18 years old when these games were new, right square in the middle of the demographic. I have so many good memories of playing these games while hanging out with my friends.

    I didn't really think about how old these games are now and they are very rare. I would love to spend one more day before I die in a video arcade playing Black Knight, Defender, Sea Wolf, Joust, Star Wars and Tail Gunner, and the rest. But the world has moved on.

    Let me win the lottery and see what happens 😉

  32. 😁 I spent enough money on that game in my local arcade to pay for the machine! Everyone else's money was pure profit.

  33. i spent sooooo much money on this game back in the day LOL. then i realized i could buy the game for my atari 2600. knowledge is wasted on the youth as they use to say lol

  34. I would have never thought that Dax Shepherd would be referbing vintage arcade games as a side hustle ?!?!?!

  35. kind of weird how you wont share how you cleaned the fingers. everyone has their own method except you apparently

  36. Oh, wow, that brings back good memories. I played Dig-Dug against our peewee quarterback, who's name was Doug in a pizza joint after Saturday games. We still call him Dig-Doug to this day.

  37. Nice work on that edge connector. The way you did that should outlive the original traces.

  38. Can you show your electric work step by step?

  39. Thanks, dude; I never tire of this. Plus, I'm picking up basic electronics and understand a great deal more than I did before.

  40. All these old arcades were designed to last a couple years.. pinball machines too..

    Ironically the via you are hacking to make work was probably the reason the edge connector burned up …

  41. With these Namco licensed games did Atari use Namco made boards or did they manufacture the boards for the Us versions themselves?

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