Repairing an Atari 1984 Paperboy Arcade Game Cabinet! -

Repairing an Atari 1984 Paperboy Arcade Game Cabinet!

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  1. We have a Paperboy that does not start up, it says 6502 communication error, have you ever had this and what did you o to correct it? I've tried several 6502 chips and that made no difference.

  2. Hmm, is there no solution that utilizes and old VGA 19" CRT monitor? What does that converter output to, VGA or DVI? If VGA, why not hook it up to a CRT monitor?

  3. I never played this game but enjoyed watching the repair process. I used to work in the Newspaper industry as a Journalist. My Dad threw papers growing up. Funny how things turn out.

  4. is there any way of getting a prefect color & contrast display one thise besides eyeballing it? is there any "hardwhere" that exist like for the pc, , would be kind of cool trying to create it 🙂 then again i have no ifead how to hack a arcade without screwing up the rom itself 🙂

  5. you are like the sherlock holmes of video game repair! I spent a year learning to troubleshoot and repair refrigeration and AC systems…that was simple compared to what you do…A/C=power, line, switch, load…….no chips or transistors involved!

  6. As soon as I heard that hissing noise, I went on "it's an amp… it's the damn amp!"

  7. Explain what a Paperboy is to all the millennial watchers

  8. Loved paperboy never knew there was a arcade machine of it. Super neat

  9. I am late to the comments.. but EGA to me is still EGA, never heard of "medium resolution".. yet now I see those terms everywhere!
    Could you not use a 19" VGA-SVGA monitor?

  10. He replaced the Pokey and turned the game around. That's what it's all about!

  11. I hear it in your voice, you're not completely sold on LCD screens, I think, like me you prefer CRT any day of the year!…ya dont have to answer this!

  12. These days, you are not permitted to say "paper," because when we awful humans destroy trees to make paper, we are DESTROYING THE FUTURE OF THE PLANET!!! …or so i've heard. But you may also not say "boy" on account of that is racist against people who have two X-chromosomes. The nerve on you for posting this…

    – – – – – – – –

    ^^ Joking, of course. Thank you very much for the video. I remember playing this game at Circus Circus in Las Vegas when I was very young. It was one one of my favorite games, and I wish I could play it again.

  13. We test the left pokey we test the right pokey we test both pokeys and we mix them all about we do the hokey pokey and mess it all around that's what its all about.

  14. Where can I play this machine? Is the arcade near myrtle beach? I’ll be taking a trip down there later this year

  15. Great game! Seeing this reminds me of the Road Runner game I also used to play so long ago. Can't remember, was that also made by Atari? Lets see what my Google-fu can find out…
    Did I see Gauntlet in a response below?? Can't wait!! edit: How is the monitor wired to the board?

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