Repairing A Hacked-Up 1980 Atari WARLORDS Cocktail Arcade Game - What Did They DO??????? -

Repairing A Hacked-Up 1980 Atari WARLORDS Cocktail Arcade Game – What Did They DO???????

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We fix Atari’s Super-Sweet WARLORDS Cocktail Arcade Game!

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  1. This is what happens when you use a soldering gun on electronics.

  2. Of course I stopped the video to say this, so you may already know this: PFWR# is Play Field WRITE. If you notice, the line goes to the R/W line of the chip.

  3. Very nice video sir. You are a Wizard at repair. Thank you.

  4. You need a Hakko desolating gun. I finally bit the bullet and bought one a year or so a go and I regretted not doing it years sooner! What a difference! They’re not Jeep but they are so worth it. You’ll never want to see one of those spring loader solder suckers ever again!

  5. many years ago when i was a lad, i was given a non working paperboy, no one would even look at it, but now i wish i had it as a project as i know a lot more now 35 years on.. great video btw.

  6. All because someone didn't know how to desolder.

  7. I'm just curious, did the contact cleaner make the pots work smoothly in test mode?

  8. I miss this game – Thank you for the work you do!

  9. I don't know if anyone has had the same idea yet, but modding out the sense circuit seems to name itself: The Senseless Mod! That being said, I completely understand it could be necessary or beneficial to perform the mod.

  10. If you had a little no clean flux, it would help with the way your solder joints look instead of those gobs you have on the points.

  11. Good game I still have my Atari 2600 version. It was pretty bad though. Still got lots of action back in the day though. I played the upright one at a local arcade called Funway Freeway in Kansas city Mo at Antioch mall.

  12. How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

  13. Best video yet! Thanks AGAIN for making these videos. They are so helpful for learning this stuff!

  14. wish you were in Canada to work on my Mario arcade

  15. OMG what a nightmare on that board haha! Great video and great job on this resurrection! Man Atari made beautiful cocktail games! Thanks! 🙂

  16. Nice work. God I hate people messing with things especially when they don’t know how to use a soldering iron. I personally love soldering but not so much fixing broken traces 🙄

  17. You really have to have a proper desoldering station when working on PCBs like this. A 25 watt soldering iron and solder pump just won't cut it.

  18. That rat's nest of jumper wires is painful to look at.

  19. I lived in Boise in the 70s and early 80s. Played this and many others back in the day.

    I still remember the pizza place had Death Race 2000, Sea Wolf, Carnival, and a Phoenix cocktail.

    I even remember if you built up static electricity and touched the coin door on Carnival, you got a free game. I wondered if the owner ever figured out why it was played all the time, but little money collected.

  20. I think it was Sir Pizza… won of my favorite games

  21. First played the cocktail table game at Pizza Hut in Red Oak, IA in the early 80s.

  22. I'm only familiar with the Atari 2600 version of this game. I've never once saw this in a classic 80s arcade at the mall.

  23. Must have used the wrong tools, sad to see a board take such unnecessary damage.

  24. Such a great game. Your videos are exceptionally fun to watch especially for those of who crew up at the heights of the video game parlor. Thanks!

  25. The word is ON not AWN, for fucks sake!

  26. I like the fact that you have credit for the recent connector replacement. Giving credit where it is due. Respect👍🏻

  27. I wonder why they went to such effort to ensure the board was getting a precise +5V via a feedback sense line, it seems more like something you'd find in instrumentation/medical.

    Something to do with the analog control inputs using V+ as a reference rail for R-C timing and it being easier/cheaper to do it on the power supply rather than having a separate reference on the board maybe? 1980 seems well into the standard TTL/CMOS era where the logic V+ tolerances were at least 10%, not like 70s LSI where you might need weird and very specific voltages.

  28. Those are some fat bodge wires. Not sure if "8 AWG" is needed for a RAM chip. lol

  29. I can't speak for Sanyo video game monitors, but their tvs had such poor voltage regulation that the size of the image was based on how bright it was. a blinking screen would visibly increase or decrease the size of the picture by a very noticeable amount. I hope their video game monitors are better, as I can't imagine a situation where a video game might have blinking screens or varying brightness LOL!

  30. The phrase you were looking for at 13:40 was voltage feedback circuit..

  31. Just wondering how you find these machines in good condition and about how much do they run

  32. Wow! Nice work. That looked pretty "hairy". Heh

  33. An excellent repair… If I was given that board, I would have written it off… WELL DONE!!! 10/10

  34. Those jumper cable work almost looks like my handy work 😅.

  35. I've never seen this game it looks like a lot of fun.

  36. 2:30 – made me think of Jeff Foxworthy… "What we gonna do is: Saw the top o' yor head off, root around in there with a stick, and see if we can't find that dadburned clot."

  37. This channel satisfies the little kid in me I use to be that would take my sisters transistor radio apart is an attempt to understand how it worked. Never understood it but, always found circuit boards aesthetically pleasing. Good job; nothing beats a win.

  38. I don't know what's more satisfying watching your excellent video repairs, or watching your subscribers go up and views per video, top quality mate.

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