Regarding My Retirement -

Regarding My Retirement

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Please excuse this video’s length. There’s been a lot of contemplation these last 5 months and so naturally I had a lot to say. Sorry I’ve kept you waiting.


  1. When your :mom says why are you crying
    :me he's here

  2. Can you play yandere simulator theres been so many updates my bro

  3. you are the showgun and the showgun dont give up

  4. Thank you coryxkenshin for the video that made our day

  5. ayayayaayay PUASE!!!! WHERE THE OG OUTRO MAN Love the video cory and i just wanna say if the samurai could sit down they've bee standing up for a while. Thanks in advance cory

  6. When i feel bored i always resort to you. Thank you Cory. 🙂❤️

  7. Lack of challenge, Cory you have a gave all these younglings a lesson, to accept the challenge

  8. ウルママゲイもあなたは同性愛者ですか says:


  9. Cory You dont need to apologize its understandable what you were saying. I'm happy your back welcome home Cory welcome home.

  10. This video makes me happy. I’m happy for you, Corey and it just makes me happy in general. I’m happy you were able to sit down and figure out your new direction out. Quite inspiring just for taking the time you needed. Thank you man

  11. Such a simple video yet a hard video

  12. Lol I miss his afro. But this looks good. God has blessed me with his comeback 😢

  13. This feeling…… Is like if filthyfrank did this too, didnt quit

  14. Been watching since the Swedish fish skits and the mkx vlogs along with fnaf I love you man I’ve just turned 14 but I’ve been watching since 8

  15. Never herd of u but okay go to retirement

  16. So not trying to be a party pooper but is Cory Taking another break😱🥲it been 2days just wondering

  17. we love you cory no matter what you decide to do 😭🤝

  18. Your merch is sold out. This hurts on a whole different level.

  19. Am I the only one who noticed how many times this mans shirt changed?

  20. "I can't retire"

    3 words that lighten up someone's life.

  21. I haven't seen this guy in forever I subscribed to Cory back in 2014 when I got my first phone

  22. When I tell you I cried everyday and knew that he would make this video OENDKDNXKSH

  23. Yoooo! I cried, Thanks for coming back for us Cory! This means a lot for those people you made happy (including me) Just you posting a Vid is more than enough to make me Cry and make my day! Godbless ypu and your entire Family, Thanks.

  24. Cory is truly the greatest to ever do it, my goat fr🙏🏻🐐

  25. cory is such a genuinely good man, from someone with a lot of trauma… i wish cory was my dad and i feel like whoever he blesses with a family would be the luckiest family to exist. this man is truly a blessing we love you so much cory, im glad hes returning i really want to grow up watching him forever and see cory grow old 🙂

  26. Cory: “I can’t retire”

    [Everyone liked that]

  27. Cory the last mindcraf vid hit 500k likes next ep maby

  28. It’s crazy how his views go to 6 million to 10 million, 12 million but part 2 of Friday night funkin got like 20 million views

  29. Vader the hedgehog aka jvaughn ricketts says:

    10 million samurai ten million lives

  30. Shogun: I can't retire.
    Everyone: visible happiness

  31. God bless your grandmother. I hope she makes a quick and speedy recovery ❤️‍🩹

  32. Nice to see you again hope your family gets better

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