Regarding My Retirement -

Regarding My Retirement

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Please excuse this video’s length. There’s been a lot of contemplation these last 5 months and so naturally I had a lot to say. Sorry I’ve kept you waiting.


  1. Nice to see you again hope your family gets better

  2. God bless your grandmother. I hope she makes a quick and speedy recovery ❤️‍🩹

  3. Shogun: I can't retire.
    Everyone: visible happiness

  4. Vader the hedgehog aka jvaughn ricketts says:

    10 million samurai ten million lives

  5. It’s crazy how his views go to 6 million to 10 million, 12 million but part 2 of Friday night funkin got like 20 million views

  6. Cory the last mindcraf vid hit 500k likes next ep maby

  7. Cory: “I can’t retire”

    [Everyone liked that]

  8. cory is such a genuinely good man, from someone with a lot of trauma… i wish cory was my dad and i feel like whoever he blesses with a family would be the luckiest family to exist. this man is truly a blessing we love you so much cory, im glad hes returning i really want to grow up watching him forever and see cory grow old 🙂

  9. Cory is truly the greatest to ever do it, my goat fr🙏🏻🐐

  10. Yoooo! I cried, Thanks for coming back for us Cory! This means a lot for those people you made happy (including me) Just you posting a Vid is more than enough to make me Cry and make my day! Godbless ypu and your entire Family, Thanks.

  11. When I tell you I cried everyday and knew that he would make this video OENDKDNXKSH

  12. I haven't seen this guy in forever I subscribed to Cory back in 2014 when I got my first phone

  13. "I can't retire"

    3 words that lighten up someone's life.

  14. Am I the only one who noticed how many times this mans shirt changed?

  15. Your merch is sold out. This hurts on a whole different level.

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