Rebecca Zamolo Became GIRL SCOUTS for the Day- Best Friend FACE REVEAL -

Rebecca Zamolo Became GIRL SCOUTS for the Day- Best Friend FACE REVEAL

Rebecca Zamolo
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Rebecca Zamolo surprises her best friends for the first time as girl scouts for 24 hours. It all started when Rebecca Zamolo created “Birth to death of my son in real life.” Next Matt and Rebecca uploaded “She beat me up.” Finally the Game Master Network made “We lost RZ Twin.” Now Rebecca and her friends have to become girl scouts for the day. It could last for up to 24 hours in this challenge. Rebecca finally reveals her best friend who does a face reveal. What happens next is shocking. If they can stop the girl scout cookies from being made they can save their youtuber friends like the royalty family, piper rockelle and even rosanna pansino. Do you think this plan will work or will we possibly get trapped for another 24 hours? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2021!

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  1. We're getting so close to 11 Million in the ZamFam! Do you trust Maddie or Frog more?

  2. When frog was Talking I saw the Maddie talk to troop

  3. Are you wrong she’s not sass frog you’re one is Texas

  4. And maddie when too whisper to the leader troop guy

  5. At the back the leader troop guy was talking to the frog

  6. Trade you because she said something for discoun

  7. Frog and maidde both had a privet chat with tom

  8. frog and the scouts leader were talking to each other when used finished the truth or dare game

  9. Rebecca the frog hair color is actually brown its a blonde wig

  10. dont trust maddie she is the one who put the photo in frogs phone

  11. The couciler had toilet paper on the back of his shorts and i know the Mat did it because he is Gorge the prankster and he did not notece and that might be emberising and i love you Rebecca and i also love Piper rockel ecpecle her pug

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