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Rampage (Arcade) Playthrough longplay retro video game

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Rampage is a 1986 arcade game by Bally Midway.[1] Players take control of a trio of gigantic monsters trying to survive against onslaughts of military forces. Each round is completed when a particular city is completely reduced to rubble. Warner Bros. currently owns all rights to the property via their purchase of Midway Games.[2]


  1. Always considered this game a poor, boring and ugly… never liked it.

  2. Same year when Pixar released Luxo Jr, Disney released Great Mouse Detective, and Don Bluth released An American Tale

  3. Dear Warner Brothers,Since you own Most of the intellectual properties of Midway Games (Which also includes Leland Corp., Williams Electronics and Atari Games Corp.), You should partner with Digital Eclipse and release this game with all other Midway Arcade Classics for PC/MAC, Nintendo Switch, PS5 & XBOX Series S/X. The younger generations have never heard of these games.

  4. holy shit im so glad i was able to grow up with this game. im 16 now, but finding it in my dads nintendo64 games when i was 6 was the best decision ive ever made. i look for it at every arcade just to terrorrize those cities 🙂

  5. I just cut to the end to see if there was an ending to this game, guess not. This was one of my faves and the movie wasn't half bad.

  6. I actually remember this game. Honestly, I thought this was something I made up in my head… guess not. Wow. Nostalgia just hit me right in the childhood. Nostalgia: 1 Me: 0

  7. There's no ending to the original wow there is to the GCN version and it's tough to make it to doing it solo

  8. The images of human George, lizzie and Ralph before their transformation in the opening is actually:
    Designer Brian colin-George
    Brian's wife Rae-lizzie
    Designer Jeff Nauman-ralph

  9. How can a 80's arcade game take so long to complete

  10. I never played this game, but I could totally imagine me addicted to Rampage if I was a boy in the 80's

  11. loved this game when I'd visit family friends once a year I'd want to play it and Double Dragon but they mostly made me watch them play

  12. Hardly punches the open windows for food…wth

  13. Does anybody know what the morse code means in between rounds?

  14. My childhood dentist had a small arcade room, and I’d play this with my 2 brothers. Really good memories, I’m not sure if that dentist is still open or not

  15. Can you find this game for the PC now? I really want to hop back into this

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