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Rampage Arcade Classics Mini Cabinet Handheld Video Game from Basic Fun Video Review

Pixel Dan
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Join Pixel Dan for a look at the new Rampage Arcade Classics mini cabinet from Basic Fun!

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  1. It's cool but most of the draw of Rampage is it being multiplayer I don't think it would be as much fun single player, but cool

  2. Out of nowhere I was thinking and wondering if this is a 16bit gaming system so is it???

  3. I bought it. I love it, though I kinda wish you could save or suspend the game (or use a level select code) sense Rampage has so many levels.

  4. I got the frogger and miss PAC man and I'm getting rampage for Christmas

  5. I LOVE!! these arcade classics games. Can't wait to get Rampage and review it on my channel!

  6. I got the same one and the one that has more buttons and a bigger version👌👌👌👍🖖✌🖕👌👌

  7. It’s too bad the version in the mini cab wasn’t the actual arcade port, it just adds to the experience

  8. I got one of those I got pacMan and ramp age

  9. Another one of those products you reviewed that had me buying several pieces: Q-Bert, Centipede, Joust, Pac-Man, Frogger, and now Rampage. If they come out with Defender, Galaga, or Dig Dug, I’ll add those! PAC-Man is the least among these for game play. Here’s hopping for improved version, maybe Ms. PAC-Man. I had some fun photographing these in with some Hasbro Black Series Storm Troopers. I had to prop them just a bit but they worked well. Great review. Good fun with these.

  10. Very cool! Imagine a TMNT Arcade cabinet🐢🍕

  11. one of the other reviewers took these apart and each unit has more that one game on it. you could in theory wire a switch to choose games. I do not know which games on on which cabinets offhand but the info is out there.

  12. I have a couple of these mini cabinets and love them! They remind me of the old Coleco mini arcades from the 80's. I always wanted one of those when I was a kid but they where to expensive and we where poor. Now they are even more expensive and I won't pay that much for them. These mini cabinets are a great alternative though. Great review as always Dan.

  13. These are really cool, but its too bad they couldn't port Pac-Man the same way. Their mini arcade of Pac-Man is the same cheap LED one they've used for pocket games for years.

  14. So it's a one-of-a-kind version of the NES version? It is clearly the NES version, but with Ralph added in…is that correct?

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