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Rampage Arcade Classics Mini Cabinet Handheld Video Game from Basic Fun Video Review

Pixel Dan
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Join Pixel Dan for a look at the new Rampage Arcade Classics mini cabinet from Basic Fun!

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  1. It's cool but most of the draw of Rampage is it being multiplayer I don't think it would be as much fun single player, but cool

  2. Wow, thats cool, I wasnt expecting the screen to be that good

  3. I would loveee to have the 90s Xmen…Spiderman and Tmnt arcade turtles like this!

  4. Awesome game, I'm still waiting for these consoles to adopt Solar-Power though, making these green, would be an awesome step into the future for retro/classic/vintage-gaming.

  5. If they don't make one of these for smash tv and gauntlet I'm gonna scream. Joust would be nice too

  6. Pixel Dan is on a Rampage Rampage lol I love these little arcade games and everyone coming and going grabs them in my house and has to play a round or 2 =)

  7. Nice review Dan! I picked Rampage up as well. It's a fun nostalgic game. the game is unlimited continues but I forgot how many stages there were.

  8. Well I have to get this one.

    If I see Double Dragon or Final Fight though there will be a drought of vids.

  9. This one has been tempting me for a little while. I think I'm gonna spring on it now.

  10. That's really cool that it actually emulates the games

  11. those are pretty sweet, and i have seen them at my local walmart. not sure if i'll get one or not, though. however, i did recently purchase the NES rampage and rampage world tour on N64.

  12. It's actually a modified version of the NES game with Ralph added

  13. I was expecting something like those old Tiger Electronic games. This is amazing! I'm afraid if I start buying these, I won't be able to stop! Thanks for another great review Dan!

  14. These lil things are real neat. I hope they can get some Nintendo properties, since I'd love to see Donkey Kong or Mario Bros get the mini treatment.

  15. It looks like the Atari Lynx version of Rampage.

  16. So it's a one-of-a-kind version of the NES version? It is clearly the NES version, but with Ralph added in…is that correct?

  17. These are really cool, but its too bad they couldn't port Pac-Man the same way. Their mini arcade of Pac-Man is the same cheap LED one they've used for pocket games for years.

  18. I have a couple of these mini cabinets and love them! They remind me of the old Coleco mini arcades from the 80's. I always wanted one of those when I was a kid but they where to expensive and we where poor. Now they are even more expensive and I won't pay that much for them. These mini cabinets are a great alternative though. Great review as always Dan.

  19. one of the other reviewers took these apart and each unit has more that one game on it. you could in theory wire a switch to choose games. I do not know which games on on which cabinets offhand but the info is out there.

  20. Very cool! Imagine a TMNT Arcade cabinet🐢🍕

  21. Another one of those products you reviewed that had me buying several pieces: Q-Bert, Centipede, Joust, Pac-Man, Frogger, and now Rampage. If they come out with Defender, Galaga, or Dig Dug, I’ll add those! PAC-Man is the least among these for game play. Here’s hopping for improved version, maybe Ms. PAC-Man. I had some fun photographing these in with some Hasbro Black Series Storm Troopers. I had to prop them just a bit but they worked well. Great review. Good fun with these.

  22. I got one of those I got pacMan and ramp age

  23. It’s too bad the version in the mini cab wasn’t the actual arcade port, it just adds to the experience

  24. I got the same one and the one that has more buttons and a bigger version👌👌👌👍🖖✌🖕👌👌

  25. I LOVE!! these arcade classics games. Can't wait to get Rampage and review it on my channel!

  26. I got the frogger and miss PAC man and I'm getting rampage for Christmas

  27. I bought it. I love it, though I kinda wish you could save or suspend the game (or use a level select code) sense Rampage has so many levels.

  28. Out of nowhere I was thinking and wondering if this is a 16bit gaming system so is it???

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