Racing Driving Arcade Machine with Hundreds of Games Daytona Mario Kart Batman Raw Thrills -

Racing Driving Arcade Machine with Hundreds of Games Daytona Mario Kart Batman Raw Thrills

Retro Play
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We have just upgraded the Retro Play Speed Devil arcade racing machine to now include a Windows gaming PC inside that can play hundreds of racing and driving games. Included systems are :

Mame (original arcade games)
Nintendo 64
Sega Model 2 and 3
Sony PSP
And modern arcade games like H2O Overdrive, Batman and Fast & Furious

You can order your arcade machine racing sim from



  1. I didn't know I needed one of these. Now I do. This is type is definitely going to be my next arcade cab.

  2. Man this is the coolest thing to have at your home. Just imagine going to a friend's house and he has initial D set up ready for you to race

  3. Any force feedback on Daytona? And what about UK availability?

  4. bro can you help my i rêmmber 1 game same like taxi but game hunting can you find for me pls

  5. …not that proficient in Double Dash I see. 😎

  6. Cool I'm going to buy two of these for the home

  7. WholeLotOfGangShit_Mixtapes LOCALLOV3Tapes says:

    How can I get your set up it’s dope

  8. Really nice and clean looking cabinet. Do they put the sub into the seat so you get the vibration feedback from engine noise like the arcades? To me part of the immersion is the feedback you get from a big arcade racing cabinet. I'm not familiar with the console or PC variant steering wheels but do they have that strong force feedback you get from an arcade wheel from Sega, Namco or even Raw Thrills? I own several racing arcade cabinets but it would be nice to have something that can play multiple games in a close to arcade form.

  9. is it possible to have a racing cabnet and to install mario Kart ?>

  10. What's the current ETA on one of these bad boys? Looking to buy one and have it shipped before Christmas?

  11. What a beautiful machine!!!!! congrats!!!

  12. Is there a way i can order one and switch the shift knob to the right side?

  13. Simply awesome, this is the kind of upgrade I was looking for. Just two quick ones, if I’m allowed: if you have two cabinet, is there a chance to drive one against the other like with the “real” arcade machines ? Is there any chance to upgrade the set wheel/pedals/shift (paying of course) ? Many many compliments, again.

  14. awesome update. Looking forward to hopefully buying one of these at the end of the year.

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