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POLYBIUS – The Video Game That Doesn’t Exist

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NB: This video contains flashing images, particularly at 11:34, 15:22, and 59:02
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  1. this has to be my favourite video essay I can remember. I've watched it several times good work.

  2. You pronounce "löschen" like English "loushen" 😛
    Besides, this is a weird German name.

  3. If you were 100% sure youv found a Polybius machine would you play it? Maybe many have and just cant remember.

  4. Okay YouTube, please stop recommending this video to me for years and years.
    Now that I've watched it, what a waste of time it was.

  5. polybius is like a monster in the shadows
    you believe that the thing in the corner is real
    but when you turn on the lights nothing more then a pile of laundry

  6. There is a polybius in the new loki marvel series

  7. I played Arcade Spirits for the Nintendo Switch awhile ago. When I first heard about Polybius,I thought it was just a fun part of the game. Clearly,I was wrong. Good video,btw.

  8. This is the best video I've seen on the subject of Polybius! Good job!

  9. Maybe I should just make a very conving hoax story on the internet, fund donations for a bullshit "research" division about said hoax and garner many bucks off of people's gullible stupidities.

  10. I've seen one of those before in a local arcade near My home

  11. All the pixel art in this video is absolutely beautiful, and I am in awe

  12. Love this vid, should definitely make more mystery oriented videos like this

  13. I thought the video was finishing at 16:00. I’m happy it didn’t. 👌🏻

  14. What? I have one of these in my barn collecting dust…

  15. When talking about the name Sinneslöchen, you claim that it's 'not quite German' in the fact that it's too roots slapped together to make a word that doesn't exist. This doesn't mean that the name is fake or made by someone with a poor understanding of German – take MicroSoft. It wasn't made by people who didn't speak English, it's just two roots used to make a word that doesn't exist (for the sake of originality).

  16. Anyone else notice this game in the background of a recent Loki episode???

  17. ‘Sinneslöschen’ is eerily similar to the dutch word ‘zinloos’ when transliterated, which means that its without merit or use, very peculiar

  18. I found and buy an arcade cabinet machine in the early 1982 called POLYBIUS,it is a very strange game,but is very funny.Have placed it in living room and play almost every day….well…what have to say…I don't remember…but is fun…can think only FUN….POLYBIUS…FUN…POLYBIUS…FUN…POLYBIUS…POLYBIUS…POLYBIUS…POLYBIUS…

  19. i just realised the VA for PRG017 was Sora the troll…

  20. All I can think of is Cabinet Man by Lemon Demon. I like how Cabinet Man is inspired by this legend but I think it's a bit distant from this story

  21. Anyone spot this in the background of Loki?

  22. Good. But not as good as angry video game nerd version. Lol.

  23. This myth probably started with the polyplay arcade in Germany, a free for play arcade that was an estate propriety, and because of that was very popular there.

  24. I always figured the whole 'gov seeking you out for solving the cryptic thing' was so that they could "neutralise the potential threat" to security or what have you, on grounds that you can potentially decipher coded gov messages for the enemy

  25. I remember playing this in an arcade in the 80s at a place called DarkStar in Ames, IA.

  26. The origin of Czech republiv is most likely not true. There were no private comapnies everything was owned by a state. There was little to no communication to the west and almost no computers let alone arcade games.

  27. I live in Portland Oregon and my father used to told me about this game before. I thought it was just something that my dad said and I didn’t realize it was an actual thing!

  28. only this dude can make an interesting video about something that doesn't exist

  29. a person with too many views on a roblox video says:

    how many pizzass does it take to fiulla abasht sdutnb

  30. a person with too many views on a roblox video says:

    i need tomato sauce

  31. With effects so disastrous to children, it would have hit newspapers in days. It reminds me of the Porygon incident. If it was real, it should be easy to trace. Newspaper articles, medical reports. Somehow these things don’t exist.

  32. Polibyus [ □ ]
    () ()


  33. You mean obvious, retarded ghost stories aren't real? Wow, I'm so glad such a great channel devoted so much time to this bullshit

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