Playing Namco's Original 1994 Tekken Arcade Game -

Playing Namco’s Original 1994 Tekken Arcade Game

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Lyons Arcade buys and sells classic arcade games and pinball machines in our showroom and shop in downtown Rock Hill, SC. We typically keep in stock between 40 and 50 arcade games and pinball machines, and from time to time have a jukebox or two for sale.

Our store is located at 139 Caldwell St., Rock Hill, SC 29730. We also function as a vintage video game store! We sell all the classic Nintendo, Sega, Atari, Sony, and Microsoft games and systems.

Our videos on our channel are videos we shoot after finishing up our games for sale; we test play them and take pictures and video of how they turned out. We then use the pictures to advertise the games for sale, and upload the video to this channel on youtube!

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  2. Joe: I’ve been doing a lot of research but literally can’t find an answer anywhere. How do I replace the bulbs on a ms pac man coin door? Please help me Joe, you’re my only hope

  3. One of my arcade goals is to have a Tekken 3 & Tekken Tag in the same cabinet. Is this possible?

  4. Typical Tekken. 3rd stage character will always stomp ya. 😄

  5. My dream is to choreograph The King of Iron Fist Tournaments. And now with my channel, I get to live that dream

  6. Hi Ron! Not to complain, but (here comes the complaint) the Games Available section of the Lyons Arcade web site is REALLY hard to navigate. Finding a particular game of interest is close to impossible, since you can't tell what the thumbnails are of, it's not clear how or if they're sorted, and there's no search feature. Like say I want to find and buy this Tekken cabinet, I first have to guess whether it's any of the twelve shown on the first page, maybe clicking each one to find out what it is, and if not, I then have to guess which of the other five pages it might be on and repeat, again possibly opening all of the pages one at a time. I know you have your hands full dealing with repairs and so on, and you probably don't want to spend more on a web consultant than absolutely necessary, but this seems like a significant obstacle to potential sales. A text listing of the inventory would be great if such a thing was possible!

  7. This is the last arcade game I loved before PlayStation came out.

  8. Cool looking game but the only tehkan i played was bombjack back in the 80s lol spelt differently

  9. Yea I have a mat mania challenge that's a kit game in a dig dug.

  10. I love y'alls work! I wish y'all could restore my mk2 for me

  11. Happy new year. Thank you for all the great videos.

  12. The game Tekken was on the same level Virtua fighter.
    But STREET FIGHTER And MORTAL KOMBAT was running the arcades.

  13. Funny you uploaded this Tekken video this week because I recently just purchased an original Mortal Kombat 2 arcade cabinet from someone who kitted the game halfway to Namco Tekken Tag. The side artwork is still original, but the marquee & control panel overlay has the Tekken artwork. I'm going to put everything back original & bring the MK2 cabinet back to life😃

  14. Hey?
    I always wanted to see a cabinet of Tekken.

  15. I always sucked at this game 😆🤦🏻‍♂️

  16. What nostalgia!!! I feel young again! Hearing you mash buttons just sounds like too much fun and takes me back!

  17. You talked about your movement, but man Tekken is super hard for movement. Remember that it is also a 3d space. But there is more of course.

  18. Hey Joe i wana se someting with gauntlest or gaunless 2, possible ghost n goblins 🙂 i hohnesly love your videos it feels that you give me a timetrip. the cool part is that your videos are long in every in-depth Thank you

  19. I remember this game back in the day. I wasnt all that good and that game had some serious competition in the arcade with other fighting games. I got hooked on Neo Geo fighting games and never went back to Tekken. Thanks for sharing the video.

  20. Weirdly, even though Tekken 1 and 2 were visually 3D, they were still 2D in gameplay. Only Kazuya could move in 3D in Tekken 2 and then in Tekken 3 everybody could.

  21. Oh geez… Tekken… I've only seen one arcade unit of this, some hole in the wall game room at an old movie theater that eventually shut down probably 15-16 years ago..
    BUT… I played the crap out of the PS1 version, and have loved the franchise ever since.

  22. It looks much more fluid than the ps1 version

  23. Can someone explain to me what a dedicated cabinet means?

  24. Sadly, this is the ONLY Tekken arcade game that I NEVER got to play. I DID see an arcade machine of it when I was extremely young, but I never played it (or at least I don’t remember doing so).

  25. My dad said he spammed a lot then his friends stopped playing tekken with him.

  26. Are you Joseph or Joey?

  27. nice i love this game back at 90 play at arcade

  28. I would like to own a pub or a bar and have some of these classic arcade machines in them. I think they're due some kind of comeback

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