Playing Games with NICKELS! CHEAPEST Arcade Ever? -

Playing Games with NICKELS! CHEAPEST Arcade Ever?

Ben Does Arcade
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What’s up guys! Today I’m at Nickel Mania, where all the games take nickels! This means all the games are super cheap and you can win a lot for less money. Most of the games here are new. However, there are still some old games remaining, such as Musical Chairs and Tower of Power. Let’s see how much we can win in about 20 minutes of constant gameplay! Enjoy!

🎵 Music: Nice with the Dice – Fortnight & Clouds – Joakim Karud & Again – Tomppabeats

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Hello, my name is Ben and I love arcades, specifically the claw machine and ticket games! Most of the time I’ll upload arcade related stuff. Other times I’ll give you inside looks of the claw machines and arcade games and show you how you can win big just like I do!

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  1. i would recommend a key master for your game room or maybe a racing game would be good for your home game room

  2. That’s so cool that you found a drill o matic game! That ticket claw was super rigged 😂

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