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PIXELS – Classic Video Game Characters who appear (2015) HD

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Pixels, an alien invasion movie in the same vein as Independence Day and War of the Worlds. However this time round the extraterrestrial attacks are carried out by technologically advanced monsters or chrome-coated robots, Pixels’ aliens are famous classic video game characters, from our digital past.

So, here are classic video game characters who show up in Pixels

Release Date: 24 July 2015
Director: Chris Columbus
Stars: Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Michelle Monaghan, Peter Dinklage, Josh Gad, Ashley Benson and Brian Cox
Genres: Action | Comedy | Sci-Fi
Country: USA
Production Co: Columbia Pictures, Happy Madison Productions, Plus One Rentals
Distributor: Sony Pictures Releasing (USA)

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  1. You forgot jumpman or as present day named mario.

  2. i think these movie needs more characters like ryu or… idk but needs more characters

  3. breakout doesnt appeared on the movie PONG appeared

  4. I dunno if this is true or not,but a friend told me that Ness from Earthbound appears in this movie…is it true?

  5. This is a good video I'm searching everywherwe to found this video

  6. What about the boy with news paper riding a bike?

  7. Mario was in it 3 sec cameo

  8. who was that red robot with the yellow arms, and the white T on its chest in the movie from then?

  9. does anyone know what the blonde guy who calls the arcaders up to the Donkey Kong match is? the one in the sunglasses with the crazy laugh? he's kind of like a cgi hologram looking dude that calls Q* Bert a traitor?

  10. 0:29 That's Arkanoid because:
    1. It looks like the Vaus from Arkanoid
    2. It held the Ball, in which Pong and Breakout couldn't

  11. that's not ostrich that's duck hunt ' s ducks

  12. There was a pixel game with spiders what was it called ?

  13. Jesus, you couldn't even record footage of the actual Pac Man arcade game and went with some half-assed clone? And the 2600 version of Joust? And Donkey Kong ran on the same hardware as Radar Scope, not "radioscope", and… god, you just suck at arcading.

  14. Other games that appear in the movie:
    Dig Dug
    Space Invaders
    Paper Boy
    Duck Hunt

  15. ITS PONG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. You for got
    Paper boy
    Break out
    Burger time
    Space Invaders
    And that's all so you forgot thay

  17. I remember the Tetria blocks leveling entire buildings and thinking it was so awesome

  18. Well, when I finally get the film, I'll look forward to it.

  19. The legend of Zelda? Punch out (mike Tyson)?

  20. You forgot burger time, robotron 2000, dig dug, defender, missile command, space invaders, Tetris, asteroids, dojo quest, galaxian!

  21. The SEGAsonic the hedgheog was an arcade game!

  22. There is so many games, like robotron or burger time, space invaders, galaxian, dig dug or tetris ok so many

  23. 0:25 no hate but the game in the movie is Arkanoid but is basically breakout with lore lol 😂

  24. -Attack of the youtube copyright bots- says:

    this is pretty shitty missing a bunch of the references theres galaga duck hunt etc

  25. T,M and MC Archives Official Channel Studios says:

    U missed Mario!

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