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PINSIM Virtual Reality Pinball

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PINSIM Virtual Reality Pinball


Best Virtual Pinball Machines in Australia! Custom built in Brisbane

We SHIP world wide – to your door!

Just like you remember them! This machine runs ALL pinball tables in FULL 3D VR… truly AMAZING in VIRTUAL REALITY !
Play around 200 tables though VRLauncher menu system Video Here.
We use the very best components to faithfully bring back the nostalgia of playing pinball, but this time without spending a fortune in coins! Relive all the pinball tables you love and adore in a single unit!
Tactile feedback speakers makes the experience feel and sound like a mechanical machine.

If you can’t see an art design you’re looking for, please get in touch.
We have lots of other art on file (more than we can show in the store) and can also work with you to create a custom design.

This enhanced VR Pinsim machine features…

3 year warranty on all parts
Oculus Rift-S All-in-one VR Gaming Headset
GeForce RTX 3060
Ryzen 7 3700X CPU 8 Core
ASUS/MSI B450-based motherboard
16 GB Hyper-X DDR4 3200Mhz RAM
500gb SSD
Tactile transducer speakers that interpret the mechanical sounds from the game as vibrations. 2x Dayton 100mm drivers and amplifier.
Digital Nudging Support (allows you to bump the table and the ball will move accordingly. Slam Tilt enabled)
Analog Plunger (and a large LAUNCH button underneath)
Fire button and laser cut steel plate on lockdown bar.
Dual Flipper Buttons on each side (MagnaSave and other functions)
Flipper Buttons: High-Performance Arcade Pushbuttons with integral minature gold-plated leaf switches.
Powder Coated Metalwork – Steel Legs, Lockdown bar
External USB port (Front of machine)
Power On/Off Button (positioned on the front underside of the cabinet – power cord in the back)
Feedback controls
Easy-to-use Pinball Selection Menu

We Ship World Wide and Australia Wide


300mm Depth

560mm Width

610mm Height

PC Specs:

GeForce RTX 3060
Ryzen 7 3700X CPU 8 Core
16 GB Hyper-X DDR4 3200Mhz RAM
500gb SSD Windows 10 pinball system
High quality auto-switching power supply (650+ Watt)
Windows® 10 , 64bit with licence
New American style push buttons for coin, start, menus etc.
Machines are 100% Brand New

Machines are custom built to order.
A deposit is required before production of your machine commences.
Please allow a minimum of 36 working days for pick up or delivery.
As our machines are in very high demand, production times can be considerably longer (depending on the backlog of machines to be built at time of purchase).

Price does NOT include freight costs.
We have shipped all over Australia and to many overseas destinations.
Send an SMS, e-mail, or call us for a Shipping Quote.
You may also organise your own transport method.

Our Cabinets:
Built to last, with strong joinery and heavy-duty components.
CNC precision cut Black Flat Matt Melamine MDF board (not painted).
High quality vinyl decals (art work) with a gloss or flat laminate coating.
Extensive CNC precision cut ventilation slots.


  1. VR isn’t able to be recorded as to how it really is. Recording is 2D not 3D and is eye tracking, when in VR nothing is moving as you are in a room with full size pinball machines.(So recording seems shuddering when it’s just eye tracking) One of those things you have to experience yourself and is the closest way to playing real pinball machines digitally there is. Watch this video

  2. That was a hard watch but I like your work… not on this lol

  3. No offense….I just like the physical play of pinball

  4. Oculus headset destroyed your frame rate… Its trash. Can you use Valve index with this? Will it improve FPS and stuttering? What GPU are you running?

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