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Phoenix loop1 1980 Amstar Mame Retro Arcade Games

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► Phoenix 1980 Amstar. loop 1.

1. Phoenix 1980 –
2. Pleiads 1981 –

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  1. Buenos recuerdos,de los primeros juegos de arcade que jugue,este y pleiads.

  2. I remember playing this at an party in 1993. I played it for free too.

  3. super retour dans les annees 80 merci pour la video

  4. The intro music is kind of sad…it makes you realize just how alone you are, in outer space, trying to take an entire army of robot alien monster birds.

  5. Loved this game! The theme song on the first level is a classical guitar piece called Romance, by anonymous. Heard someone playing it in real life, and I saw purple birds.

  6. My folks had a caravan on a place in Wales where they had their machines set to use 2p coins instead of 10p… even at the height of this game's popularity. Needless to say, I could afford to spend hours on this baby and was never beaten on my score.

  7. It's funny how those sound effects stay with you after so long!

  8. Wow,you really wanted to destroy as much of that ship as possible!!
    One of my all-time favorite games. And yes I have never forgotten those sound-effects..

  9. Danke für das Einstellen. Damit habe ich früher echte fette Rekorde aufgestellt. Man nannte mich damals "Dr. Phoenix". Ich hab damals mit 1.– DM rund 1 bis 1,5 Stunden an der Kiste gezockt. Meinen High-Score von damals weiß ich nicht mehr, aber er war überirdisch hoch 😉 Geile Zeit !!!

  10. Ich hab noch einen Ph. – mit DM-Einwurf!

    leider steht er im Keller das hat er nicht verdient. Werd ihn mal wieder an das Tageslicht holen. Versprochen.

  11. ah memories… 🙂 I loved this game, I could play for hours…

  12. i loved this game so so much when i was growing up. fond memories of traveling with the family staying at hotels at Disney World playing Phoenix in the hotel lobby. thanks for sharing 😉

  13. Just sat in the Trafford hotel in Blackpool playing this on a cocktail cabinet

  14. Oh this brings back memories. When I was a kid in Mississipi, the town I lived in had a privately owned pool people bought a year's membership to. They had a rec area with foosball, ping-pong, and a standup version of this game. I spent more time playing this than swimming back in the day. heh.

  15. Pamiętam jak przyjeżdżała do naszego miasteczka "buda" (taki barak na kołach) z automatami i zawsze ta gra była w różnych wersjach ale zawsze.

  16. Everytime i see the end of level guardian it strongly reminds me the Comet Empire in Uchu senkan Yamato (vbery possible since it was from the same era)

  17. Can someone please draw fan art of Phoenix Wright playing this arcade? Thanks!

  18. what is the theme's name at the end mission?


  20. Amigo este vídeo ficou show de bola, eu curto demais jogos antigos.  Se alguém  mostrar interesse, conheça o nosso canal, pois falamos muito de fliperamas antigos. É saudosismo puro.

  21. If I could turn the clocks back and see myself, a 10 year old boy playing this and a whole lot of other arcades at the local roller rink. They even had a DJ in the center of the rink, with a disco ball hanging from the ceiling with multi-colored lights… I can still hear Earth Wind and Fire's – "Let's Groove!"

  22. Oh man, I LOVED this game back in 1980. It was called something else, though.

  23. The ABC 'Phoenix' TV series was a classic; it's about when the actress (Shelley Smith) wanted BENNU to massage her bare feet.

  24. 'The Phoenix' TV series was a 1982 classic. We didn't have VGs (video game) arcade game machines; that spit out ticket stubs, that you can win toy prizes with. Not very much in those days.

  25. We just usually had VGs (video games) that say; great score, enter your initials. This is a comment that's worth making.

  26. The Phoenix TV series; had a strong reference to these other 2 classic 1980s ABC TV shows, 'Automan' and 'Masquerade.'

  27. Amigos este es para mi unos de los mejores juegos de cuando era un ragazzo no me voy olvidar de la cantidad de gettoni que usado .juegos que no volveran mas,,,,,,

  28. 出てくる要塞は宇宙戦艦ヤマトシリーズの彗星帝国の都市要塞と似てる。

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