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Phoenix 1980 Amstar Mame Retro Arcade Games

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► Phoenix 1980 Amstar.



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  1. Si abre gastado dinero en este Fichin!!!!! Un genio el Gamer!!!

  2. What is the best romTaito or other in your opinion?
    I regard the TATO roms as being the best!! As this is the ARCADE DADDYI PLAYED AS A KID:)
    Please tell me the + and – of the other roms if you know!
    Thankyou sir:)

  3. Why did your score go down from 218K down to 204K?

  4. I remember player this game when I play this at the arcade room at elementary school

  5. Along with defender, this was the one game I could never master or get very good at. I think the fifth or sixth ring with the farthest I ever got on here

  6. Recuerdos de mi infancia cuando me escapaba del colegio para ir a jugar símbolo.

  7. You've got SHIELDS too man, don't forget to use 'em.

  8. Is this the game or there was one like it where you had to dock with another ship.
    Played it circa 1980 or 81 in a luncheonette in Laurelton NYC.

  9. Never knew that the spaceship stopped before it hit you.

  10. um dos melhores jogos que já joguei nos fliperamas! 1984

  11. How can u play this game? Can u sen a link? Or where can we fount this game? Greatest game everr!!!

  12. great game but the sounds sometime are ear rape

  13. I could play for hours this game. I remember a made score 950 000

  14. I saw a mobile app version of that game.
    MechWings – The Phoenix rises

  15. It nerver will be compares with the one i played in my A1200 motorola…

  16. It's kind of noisy. Is this how it's supposed to sound?


  18. This was one of my favourite and one I could actually complete.. i feel 10 yrs old listening to this now…🥳

  19. Todo Pimball que se respete al menos aquí en Perú a mediados de los 80s tenía que tener si o si el Fenix.

  20. Who owns the rights to this game because I have a great idea for a first person shooter hybrid game based on this lore.

  21. Main shot sound is different to what I remember it sounding like on machines in Germany.

  22. Bad. He must spend more time in the last level, destroying all the protecting blue line in front of the boss till the line dissapears. Then you shoot, kill the boss and obtain 8200 points. Doing the same way in the second round, your award are 9200 points.

    In the next rounds, you can kill the final boss without need of destroying the whole blue line for earning 3000 or 4000 points. But in the two first rounds, a real good player stays much more time and tries to obtain the maximum puntuation

  23. this game has been edited for the playstation ?

  24. I had forgotten about Phoenix but a soon as the video started it brought me back to age 16. A fantastic game.

  25. I played Pheenix, a ZX Spectrum port (very good port btw)

  26. Still got a Centuri Phoenix pcb in the loft …. need to find a nice Taito tabletop to put it into

  27. Who has the best memory in relation with this game?

  28. This was one of my go to arcade games in the 80s. Funny Galaxian and even Galaga were already out but I preferred this game because of its unique elements. It had those giant birds and even a mothership level. The gameplay was a bit more rough around the edges but it was ahead of it's time. When you have played a lot of arcade games some of the most obscure and lesser known titles are personal favorites.

  29. I used to watch only the intro on the console when i was a little boy, because i didn't have any money for the game 😉
    That was in an "Imbissbude" in Germany.
    Thx for sharing 👍

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