Pang Longplay (Arcade) [60 FPS] -

Pang Longplay (Arcade) [60 FPS]

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Developed and published by Mitchell in 1989

Also known as Buster Bros, this coin-op is a simple and entertaining game that got converted to a wide range of home machines and consoles back in the day.

The objective is to simply burst all of the balloon on each of the 50 levels using your wire-harpoon gun. Much like Asteroids, the balloons split into increasingly smaller sizes as they burst, rapidly filling the screen with multiple projectiles that you need to avoid.



  1. that's gohan from dragon ball Z jajajaj

  2. I remember to put a lot of coins on this game. Super thumbs up.

  3. I remember the Amiga version being really good.

  4. Cultisme comme jeu , very very. Good game 👍

  5. Yeah, I like this version more than the one Capcom made on PSX. Mitchell has a real sense of humor with all the crazy animal enemies in this one!

  6. I used to ALWAYS play this with my sister! It was the only time she actually liked me

  7. Wow you made the first stage of 'Ankor Watt' look easy….
    I used to throw TONS of money in the arcade game as a kid to get past that one stage…. but once past it I could FLY through many of the later stages…… IIRC it was the first level of Easter Island I never beat, the one with the hidden walls.
    Obviously missed the trick of using the invulnerability after losing your shield to attack rather then run away….

  8. It's funny how it's basically a sequence of the player just being super lucky not dying thanks to loading and reloading the save states.

  9. There's a really good Atari 8-bit version.

  10. Just completed it today.. spent far too long on the second ny level and the final level

  11. It seems like it is a machine learning agent is playing the game. There are some moves that they aren't human like.

  12. Γιαννης Διακογεωργακης says:

    5-13 and 13-37 have too many small balloons at the beginning.

  13. Me hiciste recordar esas veces que me iba a encerrar a las maquinistas que nostalgia.

  14. 1:55 2:21 3:12 and even more 3:32 look like Akira Toriyama's character design (stopped at 3:32 cause he looks like a smiling Gohan). IDK if "Hiramattyo" and "Oyuu" were assistants of Akira on that time. Super pang has the same DBZ-like character design

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