Pandora Box 3D 12S - Multi-player Arcade Game Console / 3333 Games - Any Good? -

Pandora Box 3D 12S – Multi-player Arcade Game Console / 3333 Games – Any Good?

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This is my unboxing Review Video of the Latest Pandora Box 12S 3D RRTV
Now this is the most powerful pandora box we have seen so far. It’s jam packed with brand new unique features. Such as game saves, so you can save your progress, 3D games and multiple console emulation, built-in. This is 2 player arcade game console, which can connect to any screen or monitor via via HDMI. You have just over 3000 games built in. Supports 720p HD resolution.
And you have all the classics arcade titles from Street Fighter to Mortal Combat and many many more.

Pandora Box 3D 12S – Multi-player Arcade Game Console / 3333 Games – Any Good?
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  1. Seems like a lot of sound issues. Or is that just in your upload?

  2. You download it to a flashdrive from your laptop then usb it onto pandora

  3. I just got mine and I’m impressed even tho there’s like 100 copies of KOF I’m happy with it

  4. Does it have punisher AVP or Bucky O’Hare?

  5. I want to buy one could you give me info I want to buy one

  6. Why would you want an arcade stick to be clicky like that?

  7. The input lag on the stick and buttons is horrible. No thanks

  8. How can you save your progress? Will it work in Tekken 3? I am interested to know because Tekken 3 included many hidden characters.

  9. Double dragon is it the arcade version or NES version?

  10. Great video, i recently reviewed the S18 Pro…… i love retro gaming!!

  11. I don't know if anyone is familiar with the arcade game joust back from the 80s, but I've spent months coding the game and making it as close to the original a possible, but wondered if anyone would like to beta test It?

  12. PCE is PC engine console from Japan, or also known as Turbografx 16

  13. Does it come with the games already installed

  14. Can you play NBA jam online with others through internet like the 1up cabinet

  15. For wireless you have to pay the extra £30 and it’s a completely different motherboard inside you can choose at the time of purchase

  16. Hey what's the best1 to get as far as downloading games and will let me use an external game controller? Thanks

  17. Looks like all the 3d games run at 50hz if not less 40hz

  18. You sold it to me, I have just ordered one off e-bay £159.00, the same model but with built-in wi-fi. I was going to build my own but this item takes all the heartache out of building one, thanks for the review


  20. Yeah I have one of these two what type of external controller do you use?? Or one that you might recommend?

  21. Did you try a USB WiFI adapter to connect to Internet? …or a USB adapter to phone?

  22. How do you get the real deal with so many fakes out there.. I'm not too sure ..looks like they have added a fan too the fakes now because the proper Pandora's box when you look inside should be a pink or orange or green unit with fan built in …the fakes just have a circuit board they used too over heat and bust because they didn't have a fan ?

  23. Like 👍 your video man. Can you make a video how to play with 2 extra controller because mine when I connect the 3rd didn't recognize like a 3rd player. Recognize like 2nd player is weird. I hope can you help me.

  24. Netgear FA101 USB to Ethernet adapter or even the wireless version

  25. Question how do I play 4 player as it only lets me play 2 I bought extra controllers and plugged them in but they only work for player 1 and 2

  26. I see different websites promoting this. I assume it's alle the same product?

    For example

  27. Lollipop joystick is not ideal for fighting games. Loud clicks as well

  28. When you play high level arcade game, you know DELAY is a no-no. Kind of a deal breaker if you ask me.

  29. Try using a usb wifi adapter to connect to the internet for downloading more games

  30. Is that a just a controller or a whole console ? If it's a whole console then how much is it ?

  31. Buttons and joystick are too noisy. I put a thin layer of rubber around joystick and foam under buttons.

  32. Hola, disculpe ¿Tiene la lista de los juegos que contiene?

  33. Can you connect this on pc or can you use this for streaming?

  34. Hey man quick question, would you say it's worth it? And can you add your own games via usb like the Pandora DX? If not, that's a deffo deal breaker.

  35. Is this better then the PlayStation retro system??

  36. How many versions of king of fighter this console has?

  37. Cool List but I think I'll stick with the originals. I've got most of these games already…I will say though storing them in a small apartment has proven to be a challenge.

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