All You Need to Know about Arcade Video Games -

All You Need to Know about Arcade Video Games

1-screen action, jumping, killing enemies, gathering loot. Multitude of levels and very simple plots. Sounds familiar? Even if you don’t know what arcade video games are, you must have played them a thousand times!

What’s special?

They are easy. All you have to do is run straight ahead to the cheerful music. Addictive challenges intrigue and iconic bosses dare to fight you. The more you play, the more you want to go on.

How it all Started

The Golden Age of the industry was boosted by several virtual toys. They stormed the 8 bit market. Kung-Fu Master (1984) and Dragon Wang (1985) had traditional gameplay and 2D graphics. The simplicity and clear rules of these matches created a lot of hype around them. And even today thousands of players keep enjoying the classics.

A qualitative jump into 3D became a new chapter for the genre. A bright example is Shark Tale, released in 2004. It has the same plot as in the famous cartoon. It combines several gameplay styles. For instance, there is an exploration mode, racing, combat and music sequences. New levels of missions turned into a breakout phenomenon.

Almost a decade later, Assassin’s Creed Chronicles came into light (2015). It unites 3 journeys to different countries (China, India and Russia) filled with foes. Climb, jump and fight, using an array of weapons and combat techniques. The 2,5D graphics created an enhanced illusion of depth into the picture.

Best Fresh Arcade Video games

Like everything of a good quality, the niche keeps improving. The graphics are complicated and realistic. The protagonist’s possibilities are wider and the fights are more spectacular. But the principal is still the same: run, jump, shoot. What’s there to try today?

1. Dead Cells (2018)

MacOS, Xbox One, Linux, PS 4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Android

Become a bunch of cells and control the dead. Enter the world of the living, explore dungeons and kill various creatures. Don’t forget to collect skins, power-ups, and weapons. An unusual plot and big maps to cover – a perfect combo!

2. Moss (2018)

Oculus Quest, Microsoft Windows, PS 4

A first-person adventure that offers fine graphics, various enemies and maps. The character (a cute mouse) is aware of the player. So, be ready to get emotional responses in the most heated situations. Or if you make a mistake!

3. Guacamelee! 2 (2018)

Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, PS 4

A 2D journey through diverse labyrinths filled with foes. Jump, climb and combat them with professional punches. Check out funny moments (such as transformation into a rooster) and challenging tasks.

4. Kanata Zero (2019)

Nintendo Switch, macOS, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

In this 2D game, you challenge numerous villains in New Mecca. Engage them with an arsenal of weapons in the neo-noir city. You have only one try. A single hit will kill you, so think about your strategy carefully.

5. Hollow Knight: Silksong (2021)

Nintendo Switch, macOS, Linux, Microsoft Windows.

This 2D side-scroller is one of the most welcomed arcade video games of 2021. Explore maps, fight creatures and solve puzzles in the world of the haunted kingdom.