PAC-MAN Party Royal - Available Now for Apple Arcade! -

PAC-MAN Party Royal – Available Now for Apple Arcade!

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe
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Let’s munch! It’s time for four-player fun with PAC-MAN on Apple Arcade. Challenge your friends to be the last Pac standing in a game of pellet-eating, maze-running, ghost-dodging mania!

Grab it today!

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  1. They say only on Apple arcade, but how mamy times have game said that, and they still eventually come to other platforms

  2. I wanna help with the round takes too long The 200Fr..56 glitch will close in on you

  3. Alternate Title: PAC Man Battle Royale for IPhone

  4. I really like those designs even though they’re basically the same as the Pac-Man world designs but only with no nose and different gloves

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  8. I luje the person in last place of even gets his arms

  9. i play it and it’s so fun

  10. I wish this was for android hopefully one day even though I doubt it

  11. A fantastic game. Too bad that on Android just has a super bugged and abandoned game called pacman (it's not a classic anymore) that now has a "story Mode"

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