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Over 7 hours of Arcade Game Music

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Rastan 0:00
Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars 4:57
Mutation Nation 8:58
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 10:11
Magic Sword 12:48
Crude Buster 19:55
Dynamite Dux 21:36
Gauntlet 35:41
Ninja Warriors 36:02
Asterix 52:02
Double Dragon II 53:04
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom 55:13
Shadow Warriors 58:45
Enduro Racer 1:13:42
Marvel Land 1:18:32
Dragon Spirit 1:19:40
Haunted Castle 1:33:37
Marble Madness 1:37:45
The NewZealand Story 1:42:31
Eight Man 1:45:32
Sunset Riders 1:46:46
Quartet 1:56:43
R-Type II 1:59:46
Passing Shot 2:05:18
Mercs 2:07:20
Gemini Wing 2:15:55
Toki 2:17:57
Road Blasters 2:18:50
Ninja Spirit 2:19:20
Bubble Bobble 2:21:39
Tetris 2:23:33
Super Hang-On 2:25:09
Salamander II 2:36:17
Robocop 2:37:31
Tron 2:42:05
Operation Wolf 2:43:26
After Burner II 2:44:52
Chelnov 2:53:36
Magician Lord 2:55:01
Legend of Valkyrie 2:56:59
Alien Storm 3:11:09
Rod-Land 3:24:45
Darius 3:26:32
Yokai Dochuki 3:41:54
U.S. Navy 3:44:55
Dragon Ninja 3:56:51
Alien Syndrome 3:58:04
Panic Bomber 4:06:16
Space Harrier 4:12:28
Thunder Cross 4:17:55
Wonder Boy 4:26:54
Legend of Hero Tonma 4:29:06
Street Fighter II’ Champion Edition 4:37:40
Galaxy Force II 4:51:11
Aliens 5:03:52
Wardner 5:06:27
R-Type Leo 5:13:01
Crime Fighters 5:15:08
Toobin’ 5:26:09
Golden Axe 5:27:37
Darius II 5:42:20
Puzzle Bobble 5:45:06
Turbo Out Run 5:46:07
Midnight Resistance 6:01:02
X-Multiply 6:02:40
Power Drift 6:05:02
Splatterhouse 6:29:11
Chace HQ 6:36:25
Street Smart 6:42:11
Out Run 6:46:04

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  1. You're missing one of rastans clips. Against
    the dragon the music is much longer and kinda gets crazy…

  2. yo is like 4 am and im leasing to this this shit is dope as fuck my duded

  3. Omg man 7 hours of nostalgy.
    I have not enough tears for that

  4. Man, if I had all the money back that I spent on Gauntlet @35:41 I would be unhappy bc that means I wouldn’t have experienced a killer early 80s video game m/m/

  5. Zack's matchbox and hot wheels reviews says:

    Press start to begin!!!

  6. This is epic, 7hrs! Thanks for putting this together. Rastan, what a way to start😀

  7. Dynamite DuX!! Great game great fucking music!!!

  8. Great job! Great atmosphere 😉

  9. 58:14 i remember this!
    This is the Indiana Jones game with digitalized voices


  10. galaxy force 좋네alien syndrom 약간 위급한 상황 일떄

  11. Listen to twice cheer up instrumental or 8bit and skip to 2:50 trust me it sound like a litteral arcade game on the select player screen😂😇🍭

  12. When your psychologist asks you why you like heavy metal as an adult, show him this video … ♥

  13. Started with the best one Rastan was awesome!

  14. hi SUNTEAM! If you could find the music for 'Xenophobe', you would be my hero. That is my favorite arcade music form the 80s. I cannot find it anywhere.

  15. Ye cats, how many memories? How many quarters spent to hear these tunes? Others had jukeboxes, but these were the sounds of my childhood.

    Thank you for compiling this and sharing it. I sincerely hope it gets archived somewhere as a testament to an era of video games.

  16. 7 hrs of lsd later. Still rockin through asteroids and centipedes

  17. rsrsrsrsrsrsrsrsrsrsrsrsrsrsrsrsrsrsrsrsrsrsrsrsrsrsrsrs

  18. Outrun, Thundercross, Rastan, R-Type(original). Timeless tunes.

  19. @sunteam, your wouldn't have that arcade bezel pic available would you?
    It's cool 🙂
    any the tunes are great memories

  20. Midnight Resistance was the only game I ever clocked. I hate to think how much money I put into it. I would love that arcade game in my shed

  21. dynamite dux sounds a bit like link to the past shop music

  22. 1987 1986 1992 1990 1990 1988 1985 1987 1985 1988 1986 1989 1987 1988 1984 1988 1991 1991 1986 1989 1988

  23. Hi, is it possible to download this music? do you guys have an email?

  24. Dynamite Dux (30:35) sounds a lot like the Bionic Commando theme remixed

  25. What a Mix, Why have I never found it before now!! anyway, I notice how you didnt forget the rest of the Ninja warriors music, most only focus on the epic intro music, but the other tracks are fantastic too

  26. I like! can! I use it for a drawing video? I'll give you the credits and the description, ?? … a greeting

  27. There's a huge difference beetwen Ninja Warriors OST on Snes and on Arcade.

  28. @sunteam How can I use this music for commercial purposes?

  29. Great absent
    Final Fight
    Snow Bros.
    Double Dragon 1
    BadDudes vs Dragonninja
    Midnight Resistance
    And many many others that I can’t remember right now

    Very good list tho…

  30. It's good for work hard and …I imagine my work day like a game and each activities a boss battles with this songs.

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