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Original 1981 Galaga Arcade Machine – Overview, Artwork, Gameplay Video

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We sell old arcade games in our video game store, and videotape the cool ones! This is Midway’s famous Galaga, one of the greatest games of all time. You can see all our other machines at .

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  1. Thank you to everyone who has been helping our channel out by clicking our Amazon link before you buy your goodies on Amazon (if you do)… – https://amzn.to/2VTtdR9 … when you click that, you don't have to sign up or do anything special, it just tags your purchase as one we promoted and we get a royalty for it! Thank you!

  2. I love this game, but I remember this as a kid and I still remember growing up with this game. This game is way better than "Phoenix" and "Galaxian". This game is a way to go.

  3. he said he sucked it would of been hilarious if he made it to a kill screen

  4. I'm basically a pro at Galaga and I've had so much fun with it!

  5. its funny seeing this lot of modern arcade machines are flat in your face sort of thing i prefer old ones like this lot people make them with flat screens now and it dusent look the same i want modern CRT arcade machine last time i played arcade machine it was called asteroids love that game

  6. Man when will I ever see a video were someone shows the REAL LEGIT NAMCO GALAGA MACHINE?

  7. Wow !! If that machine wasn't so heavy… I'd take it to bed to sleep w/ every night.. LOL.. Beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Loved that game along with its trademark sound. Miss the 80's. Childhood memories. Glad to see fans of these pieces keep the dream alive.

  9. От этого глаза не оторвеш Like!!!

  10. Awesome mate! Lovely cabinet! Nice quality art work!

  11. Nice to see these classics gettin some deserved love.

    And great gameplay, sir.

  12. The double ships comes into play on the bonus board's you can kill them all, just sit right in the middle. Beautiful game.. Thanks

  13. On stage 4 1 ALIEN bee will change to a scorpion

  14. I played the nes version of galaga and I played the new galaga game by raw thrills and they were awesome 🎮

  15. Does it had a T molding or was it just paint?

  16. 1:39 Is that a glitch in attract? the red butterfly phased through the player in the attract screen. Never caught that before!

  17. my best i ever remember getting on this game is 384900

  18. I can't wait for my galaga to arrive in a half a week.

  19. Yes, Namco has made may ports of Galaga.

  20. Non original as it has the fast shoot hack…

  21. Hi I recently bought one for my father for Christmas but when it arrived the sound is switched off. Could you help me with how you turn the sound on?

  22. i played galaga on my Amigas night and nights … sometimes a whole day long …
    there also was a pc version from the same author

  23. I love this game and I remember when it first came out and the software defect where the ships would come down at hypersonic speed and crash into you and there was no way to move out of the way

    they fixed that with a software update and I don't know if they just replaced the chips or if they replace the whole board and I don't know what the versions were but I do know that the original version had that huge defect

    Do you know what version that update was ? I'm guessing if the original was 1.0 that this had to be 1.1 or 2.0 depending on how they number it for the updates and I think it was 1983 when they give the update

    81 most arcades didn't have this game

    I remember 82 the defect was still there but by 84 I think all the machines had been updated

  24. Dig Dug, Donkey Kong, and Galaga are my favorite games

    I have been looking for a USB controller that has the tracball, joysticks and button, to plug into XBOX

    There is a self contained console that is sold on eBay, S8 or something like that, but if I can use the USB console that is just the joysticks and buttons instead of buying the console S8 or Pandora I think is what they call it that has a pi in it

    I have seenvideos where people take a cabinet and put the pie in it and make a console with the USB joysticks and buttons and trackball but I'd really like to use my Xbox since I have the 4000 game software with all the arcade games that I love

    and space is very limited so that's another reason why I'd like to not have another piece of hardware that I don't really have room for

    if anybody is use those USB consoles that they sell for $30 on eBay if that works with an Xbox without any modifications I'd really like to know because I've got the cable that goes from the Xbox style connector to a female standard USB connector that I can plug the USB memory stick into so I can plug anything else USB into it but I'm not sure if the drivers are going to work with it or if I would need to load drivers to make it work and I'm not sure how well it would work

    Any help is greatly appreciated

  25. I have never seen the rapid-fire option, not in the dip switch settings and I never knew that you could set the button to do that 👍

  26. I always see the ms Pac-Man and galaga combo machine but damn the galaga standalone looks really clean, great artwork

  27. That man is playing Galaga!
    Thought we didn’t notice, but we did.

  28. I like the 20 year reunion ms pac man & galaga arcade game

  29. Nothing challenging about the game when you have rapid fire installed. You're just wackin' off.

  30. Dentist office showroom?! Think you meant waiting room

  31. Midway game is better but i get that this one is the original,the other one added hard stages better sounds and that.

  32. Hi guys, anyone know roughly what colour blue the original Galaga blue is. Trying to match it to something close but nothing looks right to my ancient eyes. I want to try and get it as close as possible a paint code or colour name. Any help appreciated 🙂

  33. Great video, I just purchased a Galaga machine, How do I tell what year it is? Also, are some of the original boards in the galaga machines worth more than others?

  34. I wish I can play galaga on a cocktail cabinet.

  35. Plywood, stickers, able to rebuild as the real deal!

  36. I can't speak for everyone…. But I rather know the flaws of something before I buy it, especially if I really want it.. Rather than see them or figure them out after I buy it, and end up feeling Lied too or somehow Cheated because I would definitely return it.

  37. "I'm not very good at this" proceeds to kill the game… 😀

  38. Your good at galaga, I used to get slayed, I was better at heat em ups,. The sounds of this game bring back old memories of a different world

  39. Two bullets on the screen is some bu!!sh!t. Should be a pure semi-automatic button! 😠

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