Nintendo's Awesome Cruis'n World Arcade Game - Gameplay Video -

Nintendo’s Awesome Cruis’n World Arcade Game – Gameplay Video

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We finally got in a Cruis’n World Arcade Game, and filmed some gameplay video of it to go along with our Cruis’n USA, and Cruis’n Exotica videos!

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  1. Does this save scores? Like, is there a way to save initials to where when you turn it off and turn it back on, they are still there? I don't think there are high score save kits for it, right?

  2. In Heide Park germany was one machine, I think it was the dual one.

  3. People Who Say ‘You Do Realize’ Should Be Shot says:

    We had one at cicis pizza, the line was always ridiculous

  4. I always found it odd what NIntendo would allow in an arcade but not in the home.The N64 port would remove the exploding animals and obscene license plates (such as Balls on the Bel-Air and Stolen on the 3000GT.)

  5. wow nice one such. a classic I've just been playing the newest cruisn blast at my local Hollywood bowl arcade 🙂

  6. nice. we will find u sara. lol funny. love this game. its so fun

  7. I remember playing this once at an arcade. Was a lot of fun.

  8. Australia's traffic is on the left side of the road, and this game got that simple thing wrong.

  9. At least Sara didn't have it inscribed like what you find in a bathroom stall. 😀

  10. I got this on the N64, got so many chills from Nostalgia. Feel like a kid again when I hear the music in this, this was my damn Childhood bro!

  11. So many memories of this game in our local Walmart and Converse Cinema (If you've been to Spartanburg you may remember that theater). I didn't care too much for Cruis'n Exotica and its spinoffs though.

    Might I add, the attract mode for this game is really wicked when you link two machines or more. Almost like a panoramic view. 🙂

  12. its old but i love the graphics still never too old to play i see one on ebay for 1400.00 with usa and world and exotica game play is this a good deal i am a newbie at this

  13. what do you think about the new cruisn blast any thoughts about the new game joe??

  14. I played the stand up version of cruis n world at a local ice cream store in lares Puerto Rico

  15. I noticed the green molding is new. What size is it? I am restoring one of these and was gna swap out the old t-molding but not sure on the size.

  16. My favorite of the series. I loved the locations and music the best!

  17. I played cruis n world in Time out in plaza del norte mall in arecibo Puerto Rico

  18. The draw distance on this game is terrible, other games of this period were much better

  19. I used to play this all the time at Walmart once upon a time when they had the little arcades inside the store.

  20. I played this game loads back in the mid 00s when I was a young kid. 90s racing games like the Cruis’n series and San Francisco Rush were still heavily common then.

    Cruis’n World was by far the most common out of the series. I miss the 00s!!!

  21. I would jump for joy like a little kid again if i could play this with friends again like i used to so many years ago. Every time id walk in to an arcade hear that song id have the biggest smile on my face and race around to find where it was coming from. Shit i'm tearing up now i miss those years so much take me back!

  22. Could you please tell me where focus knob is

  23. I loved playing this all the time in the Kade 🇬🇧

  24. Oh those poor Zebras, the gibbs are real!



  27. Cruis'n World was my first Cruis'n game I've ever played, every time I find one at an arcade, it's very nostalgic.

  28. There were two of these at the movie theater I used to go to as a kid. Me and my brother always played versus one another. I remember playing this better than some of the movies I went to watch. I'm glad to know there's still someone out there that owns one. 🙂

  29. I love this game and I liked your aggressive commentary.
    19:50 I'm sick of realistic racing games I want something like this.

  30. Am I trippin or would the elephants poop on the car in the Africa stage? or was that another game lol This game is etched in my childhood!

  31. the speakers sound awesome on it it also has a subwoofer good 😁

  32. In Love cruis n world arcade and cell phone

  33. I’m sorry about that damn girl Sarah joe I like arcade machines

  34. I remember playing this and other arcade games back in 2013 when I was little in the greyhound bus stations and see what each station in the US had to play

  35. Cómo se acelera?manteniendo precionado el pedal por q lo jugué y siento q no me arranco tanto

  36. I remember going to the laundry mat up by Belmont highschool playing this arcade as a kid, I'd be revving up and riding fast it was lit

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