Nintendo Vs. Super Mario Bros. DEDICATED Arcade Game, True 1985 Classic! -

Nintendo Vs. Super Mario Bros. DEDICATED Arcade Game, True 1985 Classic!

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We did a video last year of a Nintendo Vs. Super Mario Bros. arcade game, but we just recently got this dedicated “unisystem” in and just had to film another one. One of the coolest Nintendo cabinets ever in our opinion, check it out! See all our other games for sale, right now, at !

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  1. Today, I played the arcade version of "Super Mario Bros." at the Tarpon Springs arcade. I loved it and enjoyed it a lot. Someday, I will go again to play and beat my high score.

  2. This is really cool you have Wreck it Ralph?

  3. Hey dude! I'm working on my pacman and I was wondering if it was more cost effective to paint it high gloss black instead of redoing all the artwork. Whats your opinion? Also i might buy that asteroids deluxe later this year 😉

  4. Many levels made for Vs SMB later were reused for Lost Levels. Also, the Vs System machines outputted in RGB, while the home NES console did not,

  5. Is it just me or is the timer going down faster in this version?

  6. So what I’m noticing is that there is less 1 UPs, trickier jumps especially in 1-3 and 1-4, the warp zones are different. You can’t just skip to eight the highest is 6 and the path to the 1-2 warp is meant to trick you because there is no jump originally. Also 1-4 seems a lot harder with more fire bars and Bowsers pattern seems different.

  7. This is an original Nintendo arcade? Very cool.

  8. In the arcade cabinet the operator also has the option to have a coin free version called free play, in private homes and parties.

  9. Ain't nothing like the arcade version of a game…I have this via the MAME arcade emulator….I actually have several of those vs arcade games….really enjoyed it…nothin like the arcade cabinet tho..

  10. cool arcade vs super mario brothers I love it

  11. w1-2's koopa trooper that you fudged on is a goomba in the home version. +1, these vids are ROCKIN dude, thx!

  12. I remember playing this all the time in my towns drive-in movie theater, I would usually get a drink and popcorn and play the game before the movie began I don't know if they still have it there but it was such a great time when I was a kid

  13. I just recently found this machine and absolutely love it btw great video

  14. StephenTheVHSDVDBlu-RayMediaCorner2000 Fanzone says:

    Best Mario game on the NES but the arcade version It's called vs Super Mario Brothers

  15. This system is RGB compatible, that's why the picture is crisp and not fuzzy as the home nes was on composite (yellow rca)/RF (coaxial).

  16. I found a Nintendo Vs machine with the kit cabinet what do you think a reasonable price to pay or offer on the machine is?

  17. Anyone know how much these are worth? I have a grey one like this chilling in my storage

  18. I used to drive two hours to play this (and many other things) at the Pinball Wizard in Pelham, NH before it was forced to close

  19. "i'm not a great video game player, please don't give me any mean comments" – proceeds to breeze through the game like a speedrunner

  20. wow……You had a Dragons lair in,although that doesnt look like the original starcom/Atari cabinet is that a Dragons lair 2 ? Great video btw,cant believe how packed the shop is with all those great machines,thanks guys for the video 🙂 x

  21. Never knew there were differences between the NES version and the arcade version! Interesting!

  22. Hi would you like to sell the dedicated vs super mario arcade?

  23. This is the very machine that got me hooked on gaming.

  24. Is that a sanyo 19 inch monitor??? It looks perfect. Its so hard getting the sky blue not some crappy purple color. Thats what i love about smb on a crt. The game is so simple looking and beautiful in all its color… been playing it for 35 years…

  25. Watch church Sunday/Wednesday to learn about the one true God.

  26. Автомобильный Программист says:

    Thank You so much! Is it real to find an vs. Super Mario Arcade cabinet today for a sale?

  27. I wish I had Donkey Kong and Vs. Super Mario Bros. Arcade machines.

  28. This is not the same as the NES super mario bros. They are separate games and the arcade version was out before the NES version. There are many unique things in the arcade version that the NES version didn't have so they are not arcade versions of the NES games.

  29. I have this machine at my house! Sadly the screen just started flashing green when I turn it on! 😭

  30. You hear how loud the joystick is. The old Nintendo joysticks. They were just like that. It's the same style that's on Donkey Kong (1981), Donkey Kong Jr. (1982), Popeye (1982), Donkey Kong 3 (1983), the original Mario Bros. (1983), that Super Mario Bros. is right. R-Type (1987). These are 8-way joysticks that written into on little Donkey Kong an suffer for way basically the same design.

  31. I own one of these. It works. Its form 1986 and says "jumpman" inside the cabinet

  32. I have this from the thumb of Michigan

  33. Well I was born in 85 and now I have to own one. Seriously I’m going on a hunt

  34. How did this feel playing with an arcade stick did it feel natural to play? Seeing as most people associate Mario games with a controller. Lovely cabinet though so rare 👌🏼

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