NINJA TURTLES Classic Arcade Game Arcade1up Cabinet Unboxing -

NINJA TURTLES Classic Arcade Game Arcade1up Cabinet Unboxing

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NINJA TURTLES Classic Arcade Game Arcade1up Cabinet Unboxing. Special Thanks to Arcade1up for sending us this awesome cab!!

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  1. So good. I used to play this one at the arcades when I was a kid

  2. Decster stockmen is scary he can turn into a fly

  3. i really want a lets play of this game all 4 of them to play

  4. I really want this game and I will be raphael

  5. Do you know about ninja turtles the next mutation

  6. What's with this guy's voice? And what's with the gloves? Real weirdo

  7. Oh yeah can you review ninja turtles the next mutation toys?

  8. Да этот бы автомат в детстве!!!! И родителей на недельку в отпуск куда-нибудь!!!!! Все круто!!!! Молодец!!!! Привет из бывшего СССР!!!!

  9. It's not worth $400 tho, if it had more games. I rather get a Pandora's box

  10. My favorite was 2012 nickelodeon cartoon series tmnt

  11. Awesome stuff like your videos

  12. Turtles In Time was the 3ed game in the series and 2ed was only on the nes it was called tmnt 3 since it's the 3ed game in the series on nes since the first game witch is a really bad platformer the 2ed one being a port of the first arcade game with some added levels and bosses the 3ed one being an original game considered by most to be the 2ed game in the arcade game series and the 4th being an snes port of Turtles In Time

  13. Did anyone else notice he used a legend of Zelda sound

  14. I got the arcade game for My dad and he loved it even he used to watch all the cartoons and he used to play the arcade game too

  15. I knew this channel concept was waaaay too original for a millennial to have come up with.

  16. So i could play this arcade cabinet on a highway or in a farm

  17. Can you review some Disney cars toys please

  18. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii puppet Steve

  19. I love TMNT it is a 😎 show and 🎥! Good Job Puppet Steve.

  20. I want this for Christmas please Santa this year.

  21. hey puppet Steve did you know the rat King in vermin and Baxter stockman and splinter and Toca and razor are two pack from NECA toys is finally came out and by the way of this is was from 2020 then puppet Steve read this comment but now in the new year they released finally those two packs and if you want them you better get them puppet Steve

  22. I also forgot to tell you those are released the crank Android body figure

  23. I think I'm going to buy this what am I saying of course I'm going to buy this

    That line always cracked me up when I was a kid

  25. Your videos are super cool this 1 rocks

  26. I only played the turtles in time original and 3D remaster.

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