Nibbler arcade video game -

Nibbler arcade video game

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Nibbler by Rock-ola in 1982 arcade video game
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  1. J'ai joué 24 heur avec un 25 cents en 1983 a Lebel sur Quevion

  2. Yeah, it was pretty hard to control use the keyboard. Might just be easier with a joystick. It's a fun game, but once you get the patterns down it's much easier.

  3. snake and pacmans love child!

    Wasn't there a game simlar like this on the commadore 64? I can't find it and want to get it but i can't find the right name!

  4. Steverd99, my first impression is…I almost can't believe there was, and is, a gamer who scored one billion points on this game. It would be much easier to imagine if the protagonist's tail didn't grow so quickly, but it grew to an unmanageable extent in less than 2 boards. However, I noticed in a reply that you mentioned patterns. I don't know what you mean, but I can only guess that where you go and when determines how fast your tail grows. Thanks for uploading. Cheers, :-).

  5. how tim mcvey and others stay on this for two days straight.,. the sound effect alone would make me wanna punch someone till next tues

  6. man-vs-snake-the-long-and-twisted-tale-of-nibbler on kickstarter following the nibbler story!

  7. Basically, the arch enemy in this game is yourself.

  8. Cool game , come on guys beat the record , 1 billion +

  9. I was obsessed with this game!!

  10. I once played 5 hours straight. The arcade was closing i had to stop but i wanted to keep going. I was obsessed. I reached over 100 M

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