New Generation Cheap 12inch Retro Arcade Machines ! -

New Generation Cheap 12inch Retro Arcade Machines !

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Powkiddy A10 Mini Cheap Arcade Android Based Retro Game Console, beside Pandora’s Box there are new arcade machines for sale. Only what do we get with these cheap machines ??

Where to find ?

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  1. Nice to see these old games , But to be honest, They are all a 5 minute wonder

  2. That's not a dead pixel, it's a struck pixel and can sometimes be revived. There are various techniques that you can find on google, but the main ones are gently massaging the area while having moving images on it or running a video that quickly runs through red, green and blue which can unstick it after a period of time.

  3. Hello, is there Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Junior, Pac-Man on the play list? Or did you have a game list to show us the games built in? Or can you give us a link to find the game list? Further what is the name of this arcade machine?
    Thanks, best regards

  4. well. ill stick with my laptop. i use gamepad and works fine and perfect. nice device btw.

  5. yall know there are more games than street fighter right lol was not that great of a game to begin with 😉

  6. i thought he said cheap…200 isnt cheap for what it has. you can buy a modded xbox with 10000 games on it from snes,sega,nes,gameboy,gameboy color,gameboy advanced,n64, playstation, basically every arcade that exists etc etc etc btw Im missing like 5 of the other emulators on it for $150. Not only that but it has all the artwork, and actually plays a preview of the game instantly so you know exactly how the game runs or what type of game it is before you select it

  7. What's the resolution of the screen ? Is it an IPS screen ?

  8. It seem all we need is a good arcade joysticks.

  9. كلها كدب دنا صحاب الشركات ده الي في كل العالم ما في انسان

  10. الغبة بطلو خواتي يحبوها قالو تهقنا صارت قديمة قلتهلم يعني الجديد احلى العاب بتاع الغرافيك موجودة بكثرة وطهقت من كى دول النرهات عايزة اطبخ كبة بتحبو الكبة يا اخل فلسطين

  11. الصين تبيع الزبالة بتعها وعندها تشتغ بؤ سوريا كمان وليش اعمال انسانية ومجانية

  12. need upgrade to android 10 , upgrade cpu ,support hdmi input and controller output to type-c from smartphone, now is no good

  13. Oh dear china cheep shit as allways 💩💩💩

  14. Wicked Gamer is it really worth it? Love this channel the most….

  15. Hi i live in the UK so firstly would I need an adaptor ? Also how much is it and where can i order one from,many thanks.

  16. Does it have jackal or knights of the round or commando or king fu master

  17. With how horrible the interface is, the first thing I'd do is take a part and look at mod'ing it with something else. Even if it's removing the Android board and putting a better SBC in it. But then that takes away from the cheap price point.

  18. All I got from this is my mans shit at street fighter 😂

  19. Can this retro arcade system run 3-d arcade games like from Sammy Atomiswave?

  20. WHY, why in God's name they're still choosing 16:9 screens for retro consoles, when NO game on that list was created to be widescreen? And if 4:3 lcd screens are rare and pricier, can't they at least cover it with a bezel to make it look 4:3?

  21. Can it run Namoi Atomiswave roms, like Metal Slug 6 or Faster Than Speed?

  22. While I think the unit is cool, I certainly wouldn't call 180 bucks with 51 dollars shipping cheap.

  23. Does anybody know what that game was 9 seconds into the video? Loved that game but couldn’t remember what it was called?

    Thank you…

  24. Stopped watching after Blanka handed your ass to you😂

  25. It would be great to see what’s inside it, so we could upgrade it to a Pi

  26. Corona virus in 3…..2……1…?

  27. How much is it? Looks good

  28. it is the first device like these that i see packing a microswitched joystick.
    That is a good start, as analogue-like joysticks with big dead angles and big rotation like the rest are unplayable.

  29. Wish Pandora would make a version like this… even if it is Pandora Key 13⅓+S Plus Super Edition Extreme Hyper Fighting.

    The Wicked Dream Never Endsssss

  30. Every one of them games looks like crap on a 16:9 screen as every game is designed for 4:3. It's as if everyone under 40 thinks all the games were made with short fat people with wide stretchy heads. It needs an option to switch the aspect ratio or it isn't worth ten dollars. The fact that he doesn't mention it shows me he is much younger than I thought he was.

  31. What’s better, this thing, or the Powkiddy A13? 😝

  32. Cant we add more games….ps1 games perfect play or not

  33. I just receive mine !! But i want arcade game Not those cheap version . Where can i buy à micro card that can be read ?! I’m new to this !!
    So this is not Pi hardware ….. you know what is inside ? Or something i can do to have like 100 games …. ????

    Thnx again 🙌

  34. You’ll review this exact same device in a years time for some bizarre reason.

  35. Does it take arcade roms? And if it does, does it run “The Outfoxies” and “Gauntlet”? Games that are notorious for not running properly (audio and video speed). I would be interested to know if you’ve tried these games as I am very intrigued. 👍

  36. You said on SF2 the button layout was all wrong,Can controls be customized?

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