NEW Arcade Game Console with Over 4,000 Preloaded Games! - WiFi Pandora Box 3D 18S -

NEW Arcade Game Console with Over 4,000 Preloaded Games! – WiFi Pandora Box 3D 18S

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NEW Arcade Game Console with Over 4,000 Preloaded Games! – WiFi Pandora Box 3D 18S


Pandora Box 3D 18s on Amazon:

Pandora Box 3D 18s Amazon:

Pandora Box 3D 18s on

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  1. 3rd commenter would say:-
    East or west 3rd is best 😁
    Love from India

  2. Sir which one to buy Samsung s6 lite or apple ipad 7th generation?? For online studies with better speakers and camera??
    Very confused 🤔🤔

  3. Why do you have few comments but many views?🤔🤔🤔

  4. Are the games pre loaded or do you have to download them from a website

  5. Appreciate your work…
    Hope you will touch 50k soon.☺️
    And by the way congrats for 25k family 🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊🎊

  6. Hey I have a pandora 3d 2,917 games but it won't download any more from market place keeps saying balance not enough I have 5 gigs free please help

  7. Can you add 2D and 3D games via thumbdrive?

  8. Do you know why my pandora 11 doesn't have signal when I turn it on???

  9. All I can say is dude why are you pressing the button so many times just press the buttons for the moves because it ain’t doing shit on the screen. I bet you was one of those kids that just constantly tapped buttons and move the joystick around but never learn the moves with the buttons smh

  10. Quite good review but your voice goes up at the end of everything you say which is very annoying. Like you are asking a questiiiion. Ps. PG3D is the box to buy at the moment not this one

  11. Nice quick slide and review of the games, you need to work on your street fighter skills though, just random button smashing right there.

  12. …is the power adapter – can it work on a 220 or 240 as in most asian countries run a higher power outlet

  13. I got the 11s, like 5 months ago…just ordered this one Saturday (a 40th bday gift to myself) can't wait, til it arrives! 👊🏻✊🏻✌🏻💯💯💯💯

  14. Thank you for actually scrolling through some of the games!!! Thats the main reason I watch these

  15. Hey man, could you tell me if you can download Amiga 500 games onto it? Want to play Sleepwalker so bad haha

  16. Good vid but your voice. Lmao 😂 what the fuck is that. Why do you sound like that bro.

  17. Does it have cursin usa ( arcade version ) ?

  18. Any of those Pandora's box arcade machines by chance have the original X-Men beat em' up arcade game on it? I've been looking for something that has that on it and maybe the Dungeons and Dragons arcade games. I would also like to be able to play some current ones like Street fighter V and Mortal Kombat 11 or Dragon Ball Z Fighters.

  19. So do you have to buy the games that show up when using WiFi or do you just download them

  20. Whatever People Say you're Amazing Brother I Ask sorry for your negative Reviews

  21. What is the use of all the cables if it is Wi-Fi?

  22. Is the Double dragon the arcade version or NES version

  23. I'm interested in that monitor you're playing on. I can't really find the exact one

  24. Great video, i recently reviewed the S18 Pro…… i love retro gaming!!

  25. Is the old x men arcade game on there and old tnmt game on there?

  26. My Question is can you stream off this device if connected too a capture card

  27. These Android-based Pandora’s Box systems have interesting variations between each other. For example, the Pandora Treasure 3D system that I’ve got has support for playing Sega NAOMI arcade games, while most ones I’ve seen don’t. However, mine only had a little over 2,000 games preloaded with the system.

  28. Any movement delay with Pandora's box joystick

  29. These are way more of a bang for your buck than an Arcade1up. If you have a 32-inch monitor hooked up with this, it’s virtually the same thing.

  30. Can you configure the controls for each game? Layout is different when interchanging from capcom fighting games to snk and tekken.

  31. For fighting games, are the joysticks quality enough to perform combos? I heard some of the directions may not be sensitive enough and makes it hard to execute a special move and are the buttons responding fast enough or it may have some lag?

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