Namco's Time Crisis II Arcade Game Cabinet - 2 Player Epic Classic! Gameplay/Cabinet/Artwork video -

Namco’s Time Crisis II Arcade Game Cabinet – 2 Player Epic Classic! Gameplay/Cabinet/Artwork video

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We brought this YUGE arcade game in out of storage, and finally got it back up and running. Welcome back to the late 90’s!

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  1. House of the Dead and Time Crisis are undefeated arcade shooters

  2. In the market for this cabinet. Let me know if you ever land on another one. Favorite game from my childhood!

  3. What would cause one side to have a subcpu initialize timeout?

  4. The time crisis franchise are the best rail shooters around!

  5. Aaahhh, such fond memories of this thing.. I still remember when the arcade that first got one of these here put it in..
    Wasn't there when I left, came back a few days later and this hulking monstrosity was in the middle of the room where 2 or 3 other games used to be.

  6. Did you know they made a Time Crisis 5? They have it at Dave & Buster's.

  7. i just bought one of these cabinets today, woohoo

  8. I played this game in Caribbean Cinemas in arecibo puerto Rico back in 2012

  9. I like the right monitor more . I think the dark is better. Great machine!

  10. -Mad Dog Millionaire- BAD DOG BILLIONAIRE says:

    Do you know how close MAME is to completely emulating this game to playability?

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