Namco's Tekken 2 (version B) Arcade Game - Over 25 characters in 1995? -

Namco’s Tekken 2 (version B) Arcade Game – Over 25 characters in 1995?

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  1. I own the arcade versions of T1, T2, T3, T4, T5DR, TTT, TTT2

  2. Really cool stuff. Love me some Tekken 2. Might be my favorite of the old school Tekkens just cause of the variety of characters and the music.

  3. Many hours on the arcade and psx version of this game

  4. It is quite nice how you have the most recent revision of Tekken 2

  5. Awesome game here Joe. I don't have the real Arcade cabinet but I just got the ps1 game about a month or 2 ago it's an awesome game to play. My favorite playable character I'm damn good at is always the "King".

  6. Half the Tekken roster are kind of edits of the other characters, or they share a lot of the same style anyway.

    The particularly tricky bit about learning Tekken is the hit priorities on attacks are different for every character. It's not like Virtua Fighter where middle attack beats low, low beats high etc. across the whole roster. You've sort of got to learn every character not just a handful.

  7. The extra characters here are better than the Angel/Devil clones in the third game

  8. It isn't an awesome weekend without our Joe! GIGGITY!

  9. I want to hire Ronnie to commentate the play by play for when I play fighting games.

  10. I love Tekken takes years to master very fun

  11. That dynamo cabinet looks like the one I have and the same red t-molding too.

    I bought mine for $550 at my coin-op place and the game that came with it, is a Dark Stalkers but soon i'll be putting my SSFT2 in it. 🙂

  12. Oh man.. Back in my days💪💪
    Some of yall youngstas dont know the feeling of going to the arcades..good ol days!!

  13. The next time I go to America, I’m coming to your store leaving with something!
    I’ll rob a bank if I must!

  14. A dying art, knowledge and preservation of arcade cabinets. Much appreciated look at this cabinet, this and Time Crisis were my first arcade experiences.

  15. You rock dude in Tekken 2 now that make me want to play this on my PS Vita and do it again for the 2nd time (but the Roger/Alex part is going to be hard as hell I not kidding around)

  16. I would buy the game just to watch the demos. Lol

  17. i hate Jun Kazama my favourite fighter is Law/Bruce Lee

  18. They only have 1 job! They were supposed to put the Tekken 2 control panel on the Tekken 2 arcade machine & put the Tekken 3 control panel on the Tekken 3 arcade machine!

  19. You guys got the tekken3 cabinet? Would love a video on it

  20. I bet you would love Virtua Fighter even more because that game is user-friendly for a 3D fighting game and it's also the reason why Tekken exists.

    The bad thing is the roster is a small one full of Street Fighter II knock-offs and it got overshadowed by both Tekken and Dead or Alive.

  21. The original version of Tekken 2 was only released in Japan. When they released the international version, it was based on Ver. B.

  22. Lee looks like FUTURE TRUNKS from DBZ.

  23. The ten characters on the character select screen are the default ones, all the off-screen ones are unlockable with codes on the character select screen. And I believe Devil was unlocked after the machine had been on for a fairly long time like six months or something.

  24. Hi by any chance, do you know where I can get that type of control panel overlay?

  25. The level with Paul @15:29 has the wtc twin towers in the background. in this…. js

  26. Do you know if I can put this pcb in my street fighter cabinet I'm new to arcades

  27. I played an overclocked custom board hack that ran WAY faster once in the wild… was amazing.

  28. Great video! Great game!

    I played one of the earlier Tekkens 1 or 2 in this cabinet with amazing sideart. really impressed me for the time. were Tekken 1 and 2 dedicated cabs or kit games? Or both?

  29. Love it ❤🔥
    How much cost a machine like this?

  30. Just thought you might want to know that the cabinet’s “Player”, “Punch”, etc all use the Tekken 3 font. Is it a tekken 2 game in a Tekken 3 cabinet?

  31. Does anyone know of this takes up a lot of electricity im planning on getting one and not sure if my bill would be more if i just played it and unplugged it when not playing

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