Namco's Ms. Pac-Man Galaga Cabaret Reunion Arcade Cabinet - Crashing the Game! -

Namco’s Ms. Pac-Man Galaga Cabaret Reunion Arcade Cabinet – Crashing the Game!

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  1. No fucking way! The fake coin door! It's no Wonder Arcade 1up made these stupid fake coin doors as pictures with some cabs.

    I wonder how many people even know that is an actual real world Arcade… Decision and not something A1up just pulled out of their ass. Cool! …. Still lame, but A1up gains more points for attempting to bring the real arcade experience home with upgradable compromises.

  2. I like this machine. I remember when I first learned about the Easter eggs and ask my dad to take me to our local Dave & Buster's in Maryland. We get there and I show him how to play Pac-Man and Speedy Miss Pac-Man and he was pretty amazed at it. I can also remember when we went to a local arcade which was pretty small but still a great place and they have the option where you could do this thing called open play for a few bucks for person. So I showed one of the workers at that place the Easter eggs on that machine and I think he was pretty surprised.

  3. They have these games including Pac-Man at my sports & bar place but it's a full upright cabinet. Awesome collection of these 3 games.

  4. Would love one of these!
    Great video as always!

  5. I've seen a working Ms. Pac-Man Galaga Cabaret Reunion Arcade Cabinet at the Bowling Alley somewhere in Georgia, and surprisingly, it still works.

  6. I remembered seeing this in the arcades in Disney world in the hotel arcades. Good times back in October 2009 🙂

  7. I have the bar top version of this cabinet

  8. Did this machine use emulation at the time or was the program native to the chips they used?

  9. 16:39 Pac-Man Code-Up Up Up, Down Down Down, Left Right, Left Right Left. And then press the start button, if you want to play the original Pac-Man.

    20:41 Ms Pac-Man Code-Left Right Left Right, Up Up Up, and then press the fire button, and then last for not least, press the start button to play Ms Pac-Man.

    This comment is for someone who wants to play Pac-Man or Ms Pac-Man.
    Your Welcome!

  10. Just found one at my local shopping mall! I really dig it, it was in great shape and the controls felt nice. Thanks for making this video, it was great to learn about the ins and outs of the cab!

  11. They have the upright at Canobie Lake, and it's in much better shape than their original Galaga.

  12. I wonder if they’ll make another anniversary cabinet on Pac-Man’s 40th anniversary

  13. I swear, this is one of the most common arcade machines I’ve ever come across

  14. Is it as big as a arcade 1up with a riser 🤔

  15. I just picked up one of these Cabaret and I plug it up and keep getting the dip switch stuck message it some times plays then crashes to this screen is it my board maybee I'll turn it off and back on cause I just unplug it when am fin useing it

  16. Question for you: do you know where the menu switch is for one of these that doesn't have a real coin door? The one we have is a sticker and we want to reset the high score.

  17. I'm buying one for $1500 after shipping and coming with dollar bill reader

  18. Hey there Joe, there was a song that would play on a machine at my work when the machine was not in use after awhile, does your machine do the same? If so any way you could record it and send it to me? Would greatly appreciate it!!

  19. Is the turbo pac man setting reset after its unplugged?

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